Super Bonus!!!

Satisfying our hunger for culture! Resources, tips, and tricks for budget travel, authentic cuisine, interesting people, and genuine experiences, theyweretasty.

Lightplay: Visually Stunning Imagery Produced in Low Light Conditions

Lightplay: Images taken in low light sources such as oncoming traffic, dashboard displays, and tunnels to create stunning visuals as tasty eye candy. theyweretasty

Athens 6.24.2007

Exploring Athens, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Acropolis, incredible street art, and go out for evening dancing and karaoke. theyweretasty

Rome to Athens, GREECE 6.22.2007

Last day in Rome, robbed for plane tickets and time at the station while international bag thieves snatch our companion’s dirty laundry. theyweretasty

Street Art: Spray, Stencils, Stickers, Collage…and Beyond!

Street Art: Works discovered on our adventure travels. The media, locations, and quality vary, but the diversity is inspiring. theyweretasty