Athens 6.24.2007


Start off at the Metro Station make for the center of the city for breakfast.

The slick, clean stations were constructed for the 2004 Summer Olympic games.

Glass cases display ancient artifacts found while digging the tunnels for the Metro.

A tasty fresh salad and espresso are a fine start to the already sweltering day.


First sight stumbled upon is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

IMG_4015     IMG_4016     IMG_4018


IMG_4019     IMG_4022     IMG_4021

IMG_4027     IMG_4023     IMG_4024


Arrival is perfectly timed to witness the changing of the guards.
The uniforms are uniquely adorned with various tassels and pleats.
The full effect of the uniform cannot be understood until viewing the giant enlisted men.
 The soldier in charge takes a minute to arrange and wipe sweat from the guards’ brows.

IMG_4030     IMG_4031     IMG_4029     IMG_4032


IMG_4035     IMG_4036     IMG_4037

IMG_4039     IMG_4026     IMG_4020

IMG_4040     IMG_4041

We duck into the Athens National Gardens to stay out of the sun.
Water fixtures, sculptures, mosaics, and birds abound.

IMG_4078     IMG_4080

A wet head in a fountain is always a great comfort to combat the superwarming.

IMG_4042     IMG_4044     IMG_4043


IMG_4046     IMG_4048

IMG_4049     IMG_4047     IMG_4050

IMG_4051     IMG_4054

IMG_4053     IMG_4056     IMG_4052     IMG_4055

 IMG_4059     IMG_4057

IMG_4061     IMG_4058     IMG_4060

IMG_4063     IMG_4064     IMG_4066     IMG_4065


IMG_4069     IMG_4068     IMG_4071     IMG_4070

IMG_4074     IMG_4075     IMG_4072

IMG_4076     IMG_4073

IMG_4077     IMG_4079

IMG_4081     IMG_4082     IMG_4083

IMG_4084     IMG_4085

IMG_4086     IMG_4087

IMG_4088     IMG_4089     IMG_4090

IMG_4093     IMG_4092

IMG_4095     IMG_4094


IMG_4096     IMG_4099     IMG_4101

IMG_4103     IMG_4104     IMG_4105

IMG_4106     IMG_4107

IMG_4108     IMG_4109



IMG_4111     IMG_4110     IMG_4112
Royal relaxation in the garden ruins.

IMG_4062     IMG_4091     IMG_4115

IMG_4116     IMG_4114


IMG_4117     IMG_4118     IMG_4123


Exiting the park, we e get first look at the Acropolis.


An aimless walk brings us to yet another piece of history, Panathinaiko Stadium.

The original ancient construction was excavated and refurbished for the 1870 Olympic games

and was also featured as the archery venue for the 2004 Olympic games.

IMG_4125     IMG_4124

IMG_4126     IMG_4127     IMG_4128

IMG_4120     IMG_4129

IMG_4133      IMG_4134     IMG_4138

Keeping cool is easiest with a wet head at Hadrian’s Arch.
IMG_4130     IMG_4131
Opposite the gardens is the Temple of Zeus,
but at a cost of 8 Euros each, the view from the fence is suitable.

IMG_4135     IMG_4137     IMG_4136

IMG_4139     IMG_4141     IMG_4140     IMG_4142


IMG_4144     IMG_4147

IMG_4146     IMG_4145



To the Ancient Street of the Tripods,
once lined with monuments given as awards in dramatic contest
such as this Choragic Monument erected in 335 BC.

IMG_4149     IMG_4153

The actual ancient Street of the Tripods seen below the modern street level.


IMG_4151     IMG_4152

IMG_4158     IMG_4157     IMG_4156


IMG_4167     IMG_4160     IMG_4166     IMG_4159

A nearby Greek Orthodox Christian Church.


IMG_4164     IMG_4162     IMG_4161     IMG_4163

IMG_4168     IMG_4169     IMG_4175

IMG_4171     IMG_4170     IMG_4172

IMG_4174     IMG_4177

IMG_4173     IMG_4178

IMG_4180     IMG_4186     IMG_4187

IMG_4184     IMG_4185

IMG_4181     IMG_4183     IMG_4182

IMG_4199     IMG_4200


At the Church of the Rock, an interesting path winds upward
through traditional white plaster homes
to reveal view from below the Acropolis and the urban sprawl of Athens.

IMG_4193     IMG_4190     IMG_4188     IMG_4191


IMG_4195     IMG_4196     IMG_4197




IMG_4202     IMG_4203     IMG_4208



IMG_4206     IMG_4207


IMG_4210     IMG_4211


IMG_4213     IMG_4214

IMG_4215     IMG_4218     IMG_4216

IMG_4219     IMG_4217

Walking, we come along the Roman Agora
and a series of excellent street art in stencils, paintings, and collages.

IMG_4261     IMG_4240


IMG_4221     IMG_4222

IMG_4223     IMG_4224     IMG_4225


IMG_4228     IMG_4227

IMG_4230     IMG_4229     IMG_4231

IMG_4232     IMG_4233   IMG_4234

IMG_4235     IMG_4236

IMG_4237     IMG_4238

IMG_4239     IMG_4241

IMG_4242     IMG_4243     IMG_4244

IMG_4245     IMG_4246

IMG_4247     IMG_4250

IMG_4248     IMG_4249

IMG_4251     IMG_4254

IMG_4252     IMG_4255



IMG_4257     IMG_4258     IMG_4259     IMG_4260


IMG_4263     IMG_4262

IMG_4264     IMG_4265     IMG_4270

IMG_4266     IMG_4267

 IMG_4271     IMG_4272

IMG_4273     IMG_4278     IMG_4285

IMG_4277     IMG_4281     IMG_4280     IMG_4279

IMG_4287     IMG_4284     IMG_4286     IMG_4296





IMG_4293     IMG_4295     IMG_4294

IMG_4268     IMG_4283     IMG_4274

IMG_4269     IMG_4275     IMG_4282


A rest at Hadrian’s Library to cool off with beers and a snack.

Glance in some clothing shops to meet more friendly Greeks.


Back to the Metro and on to our cool dark room at Zorba’s Hotel for a moment of rest.

IMG_4299     IMG_4300

Outside on our windowsill, a pigeon has built a nest!
After a rest, down to the hostel bar where Lomanis, an ex-patriot New Yorker
and bad-ass slap-bass musician, plays some familiar tunes,
and we are treated to the national drink, Ouzo!
A few hours later, we have become fast friends with the staff and guests:
Shade (from Jordan), Alejandra (from Mexico), George (from Brazil),
Adam (from Ohio), and Yuki (from Japan),
and a crowd of Australians and Canadians staying at the hotel.
We all take the Metro together to Monastiraki district to drink and dance!
After, a karaoke bar, the Ghost House,
a failed attempt at singing the Bee Gees’Stayin’ Alive” as a duet,
and some new Athenian friends dedicate to us
a serenade of Pink Floyd‘s “Wish You Were Here”.
Athens Group1
Photos thanks to Adam and Yuki!
Athens Group3     Athens Group2     Athens Group4
The karaoke bar closes,
and we’re all dumped out into the street.
A quiet mob of us and a girl sings out, “In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight,”
her voice echoing “The Lions Sleeps Tonight” in the alleyways as the words traveled upward
and bouncing along the height of the buildings
attempting to box in the rest of the human choir
from bursting into the chorus.
In unison, “O-wim-o-weh o-wim-o-weh o-wim-o-weh o-wim-o-weh”
follows as the mob makes way for the Metro.
A late night, or early morning return to the Zorba’s –
along with a request for an extension of our stay!


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