Naxos 6.27.2007


Morning at Villa Adriana!

The day after the long wait in Piraeus.

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We enjoy complimentary coffee, breads, egg, and wonderful fresh strained sheep yogurt.

Our white and blue room is an oasis aglow with sunshine and a call to breakfast!

IMG_4322    IMG_4323     IMG_4324

IMG_4325     IMG_4326

IMG_4327     IMG_4328





IMG_4332     IMG_4333


The hotel is quaint and well-kept with a uniquely Greek island atmosphere.
 After some exploration, a dip in the pool is the refreshment needed to start the day.

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A short hike through the roads of country inns leads to the beach.
Strange abandoned buildings and vehicles litter the sides of the dirt road.

IMG_4362     IMG_4361


IMG_4364     IMG_4365

IMG_4366     IMG_4367

IMG_4368     IMG_4369     IMG_4370

We make it to the shore abound with European topless bathing
and find Leda and the Swan as a woman swims with her goose.
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The heat drives us into a small township outcropping for a refreshing Mythos beer.

IMG_4374     IMG_4375


A short walk along the Aegean provides no affordable options for lunch, so we head back.

IMG_4378     IMG_4379     IMG_4380

IMG_4381     IMG_4382     IMG_4383

Returning the way we came we pass the same abandoned Volkswagen Van and buildings.

IMG_4384     IMG_4385     IMG_4386

IMG_4387     IMG_4388     IMG_4389

Goats! Just like the cheese we ate for breakfast!

IMG_4391     IMG_4392

IMG_4393     IMG_4394
A bit of heatstroke from the intense Grecian sun,
in the room a dizzy spell requires rest as we both possibly suffered
a small bout of heat exhaustion or sun poisoning.

IMG_4395     IMG_4398     IMG_4397

IMG_4399     IMG_4400     IMG_4401

After a rest, we head out again to the township
to find tickets back to Athens in time to catch a train to Istanbul.
The only option leaves in a few hours at 2.30 am.

IMG_4402     IMG_4405

IMG_4403     IMG_4404

A nearby hotel has some interesting amenities…

IMG_4406     IMG_4407     IMG_4408



A small, empty family owned and operated restaurant beckons us for dinner.
We settle in to enjoy some live Rembétika music and Ouzo.

IMG_4411     IMG_4412    IMG_4413

The traditional eggplant dish, Moussaka beautifully complimented the outdoor dining.

A look around the interior of the restaurant

provides an interesting collection of musical instruments.


IMG_4414     IMG_4416     IMG_4415

IMG_4417     IMG_4418

The owners of the restaurant thrust a violin at us to try.

IMG_4419     IMG_4420


IMG_4422     IMG_4424

Returning to our room, the packs are once again stuffed full, and after a series of problems,
(namely getting locked out of our room and concerned we won’t make our boat)
a taxi hauls us back into the city of Naxos to the port for the 2am boat back to Athens.

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