Athens 6.23.2007


Arrival at Eleftherios Venizelos (Athens International Airport).

Long after people-watching grew tiresome,

we head over to the train station to finally see the city.

The sun still below the horizon,

it’s now Sunday and the trains start running two hours later than expected.


Reflected light in the airport restroom window.

IMG_3948     IMG_3946

IMG_3949     IMG_3950

IMG_3951     IMG_3952     IMG_3953

IMG_3954     IMG_3955

More waiting until it’s light outside
and we board a modern, clean car bound for the heart of Athens.
We have difficulty deciphering Greek writing for our stop information,
and we realize that without some sort of key, the effort is pointless.

IMG_3956     IMG_3957

IMG_3959      IMG_3958      IMG_3960

IMG_3961     IMG_3962

IMG_3963     IMG_3965

IMG_3964     IMG_3966

Through the metropolis, the hour long train ride rumbles,

and the urge to sleep is a fight for the risk of missing our stop. 

At Victoria Square, we disembark exhausted.
A few turns around the station and we arrive at Zorba’s Hotel
The room is not ready yet, but the desk man suggests we wait in the computer area.
Within minutes we are unconscious.
The blackness is interrupted by the desk man announcing the room is ready.
Once inside the cool, dark room we collapse on the bed for the rest of the morning…

IMG_4001     IMG_4002     IMG_4003

IMG_4004     IMG_4005     IMG_4006     IMG_4007

IMG_3999     IMG_4000

IMG_3968     IMG_3970     IMG_3969

IMG_3971     IMG_3972     IMG_3984

IMG_3978     IMG_3979     IMG_3980     IMG_3981

IMG_3973     IMG_3974     IMG_3982

IMG_3976     IMG_3975     IMG_3977

…After the much needed nap, a search for laundry and food is needed.
The desk staff introduce themselves and recommend a laundrette.
They also invite us to the hotel bar for a complimentary drink later in the evening.

IMG_3985     IMG_3983

IMG_4013     IMG_4014     IMG_3986

IMG_3987     IMG_3989

IMG_3990     IMG_3991     IMG_3992

IMG_3995     IMG_3998

IMG_3988     IMG_3993     IMG_3994

IMG_3996     IMG_3997


Across from the laundrette was a souvlaki cafe to enjoy lamb sandwiches with Mythos beer.
The food was so tasty a second round was necessary to take back to the room.
The family that ran the cafe even gave us a free beer.
IMG_4008     IMG_4011     IMG_4012
The rest of the night in the room resting and preparing to explore
the true force of the ancient city in the morning.


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