Rome to Athens, GREECE 6.22.2007


Goodbye Italy!
Ciao Italia! 
Γεια σας Ελλάδα
Geia sas, Greece!
Hello Greece!

Today we finally part ways with Jude after two weeks of traveling together.

It seems much longer as our quarters have been tight and hunger has been persistent.

We departed the hotel with last looks and subversive insults
from the proprietor of the Residenza Camilla Apartments.
One more free bus ride to Tiburtina train station,
and from there to Roma Termini station, the main hub of the city.
Jude waits to purchase a ticket to Austria while
we arrange for a flight to Athens, Greece.
The enormous station has even bigger lines so we tag-team:
Jude sits with the bags while we take at least an hour to purchase the next transport.
Then it’s his turn in a different queue.
His time is more substantial at over two hours for a ticket.
In the end, his dirty laundry was stolen by international bag thieves,
and we were all taken for a ride for tickets to our next destinations.

After a quick stop at a cyber cafe for room reservations,

we order some food and beers to enjoy our last few hours together.

Time for our departure times roll around,

and instead of goodbyes, we declare to meet again soon.

The train rolls forward through the city and into the countryside

to the Leonardo da Vinci Airport.

IMG_3872     IMG_3869

IMG_3866     IMG_3867


IMG_3871     IMG_3870

IMG_3873     IMG_3874

IMG_3875     IMG_3878     IMG_3880

IMG_3881     IMG_3882

IMG_3883     IMG_3884     IMG_3886

IMG_3891     IMG_3888


IMG_3877     IMG_3907

IMG_3889     IMG_3890

IMG_3895     IMG_3894

IMG_3896     IMG_3897

IMG_3902     IMG_3904

IMG_3909     IMG_3910     IMG_3913

IMG_3914     IMG_3917

IMG_3918     IMG_3919     IMG_3920

Check our bags and board the evening plane with duty-free chocolate and rum.

IMG_3921     IMG_3922     IMG_3923

IMG_3924     IMG_3925     IMG_3926

IMG_3927     IMG_3928

IMG_3929     IMG_3930     IMG_3934

IMG_3936     IMG_3935     IMG_3937

IMG_3938     IMG_3933


IMG_3939     IMG_3940      IMG_3942     IMG_3943

IMG_3941     IMG_3945     IMG_3944

Land in Athens, the infamous ancient inspiration to Western civilization. 
Too dark to see the new sights and trains into the city do not run for six hours
so we settle into the airport cafe seats for Heinekens, flask rum,
and to be bombarded by broadcast low-budget Greek MTV until morning…


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