Rome 6.21.2007


Lofty sightseeing goals meet us this morning.
Take the Metro to Saint Peter’s Basilica (San Pietro) once again
in hopes of gaining entry to the famous domed ceiling of the basilica
as well as the Sistine Chapel
then reality slaps us in the face:
lines wrap around the complex in all directions and our situation is hopeless.


(Image Source: Internet)

The disaster of a queue at San Pietro is not on the menu for today.

Back to the Metro, we ride to the center of the city.

IMG_3513     IMG_3515     IMG_3514

IMG_3516     IMG_3517

Swarms of visitors flock around the most famous sight in Rome:


When opened in 80 AD, the festivities lasted for 100 days

and included death matches with rare animals and even sea battles!


IMG_3525     IMG_3523     IMG_3524

IMG_3526     IMG_3527     IMG_3532

IMG_3530     IMG_3531     IMG_3533

IMG_3529     IMG_3528

IMG_3521     IMG_3522

IMG_3543     IMG_3534     IMG_3535

IMG_3518     IMG_3519     IMG_3520

IMG_3536     IMG_3542     IMG_3537

IMG_3538     IMG_3539

IMG_3540     IMG_3541

IMG_3545     IMG_3547     IMG_3548

IMG_3544     IMG_3546

IMG_3551     IMG_3553

IMG_3552     IMG_3549     IMG_3550

IMG_3554     IMG_3555     IMG_3556


IMG_3558     IMG_3559     IMG_3560

IMG_3561     IMG_3562


IMG_3564     IMG_3565

IMG_3566     IMG_3574

IMG_3568     IMG_3569

IMG_3570     IMG_3571     IMG_3572


IMG_3575     IMG_3579

IMG_3577     IMG_3578

IMG_3581     IMG_3580


IMG_3582     IMG_3583     IMG_3584

IMG_3585     IMG_3586

IMG_3589     IMG_3588

IMG_3587     IMG_3590

IMG_3591     IMG_3592

luxurious dwellings of the Roman upper class overlook the Forum.

IMG_3593     IMG_3594     IMG_3595

Sprinklers are a relief in the relentless heat.
Hair already dry, the sweat pours as we enter the ongoing excavation area
of the ruins of the largest forum in Rome, the Roman Forum (Forum Magnum).
Historically used as an area for commerce,
this forum later became an epicenter for religion, philosophy, and politics.

IMG_3597     IMG_3598

IMG_3599     IMG_3600

View of the Forum looking west.

IMG_3606     IMG_3607


IMG_3601     IMG_3602     IMG_3604

IMG_3608     IMG_3609

IMG_3622     IMG_3629     IMG_3623

A team of women excavate and record ruins
near the House of the Vestal Virgins and the Temple of Vesta.


IMG_3610     IMG_3611     IMG_3612     IMG_3618

IMG_3616     IMG_3614     IMG_3615


IMG_3603     IMG_3621

IMG_3620     IMG_3619

IMG_3624     IMG_3625

IMG_3627     IMG_3626

IMG_3632     IMG_3628     IMG_3635

IMG_3636     IMG_3631

IMG_3633     IMG_3634


IMG_3637     IMG_3640     IMG_3638

IMG_3641     IMG_3644

The end of the sun scorched plain is in sight at the base of Capitoline Hill,

once the political center of the city, and home to the Arch of Septimius Severus.

IMG_3642     IMG_3643


IMG_3646     IMG_3647     IMG_3648



IMG_3651     IMG_3652


IMG_3660     IMG_3658     IMG_3659     IMG_3655


IMG_3661     IMG_3669     IMG_3668

IMG_3670     IMG_3667     IMG_3666


IMG_3665     IMG_3664     IMG_3662


Three columns at the Temple of Castor

and the ruins of the Imperial Palace on Palatine Hill.


A last look at the Temple of Saturn
in the most crowded deserted place in the world.

IMG_3679     IMG_3680     IMG_3677

IMG_3676     IMG_3674     IMG_3673     IMG_3672

IMG_3678     IMG_3690     IMG_3656

IMG_3686     IMG_3687

IMG_3688     IMG_3685


IMG_3682     IMG_3681     IMG_3684

IMG_3699     IMG_3697

IMG_3700     IMG_3693     IMG_3696

IMG_3695     IMG_3694     IMG_3692


IMG_3702     IMG_3701


IMG_3675     IMG_3657

IMG_3703     IMG_3701     IMG_3702


IMG_3706     IMG_3705


IMG_3710     IMG_3708     IMG_3709    

IMG_3711     IMG_3712

IMG_3722     IMG_3723     IMG_3720     IMG_3718


IMG_3735     IMG_3717     IMG_3714

IMG_3725     IMG_3713     IMG_3724

IMG_3733     IMG_3732     IMG_3726

IMG_3730     IMG_3727

IMG_3728     IMG_3736 Seen from all over Rome, we finally approach the Altare della Patria,

built in honor of Victor Emmanuel, the first king of unified Italy.

Completed in 1935, the structure also frames the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

IMG_3744     IMG_3745     IMG_3742

IMG_3715     IMG_3743     IMG_3741


IMG_3729     IMG_3721     IMG_3716

IMG_3731     IMG_3740     IMG_3739     IMG_3738


A giant among Italian military police vehicles…

IMG_3747     IMG_3748     IMG_3746


IMG_3752     IMG_3753


IMG_3756     IMG_3755     IMG_3758     IMG_3754

IMG_3751     IMG_3750

IMG_3763     IMG_3767     IMG_3765

IMG_3766     IMG_3764     IMG_3762

IMG_3761     IMG_3773

IMG_3760     IMG_3759     IMG_3774

IMG_3776     IMG_3775


IMG_3772     IMG_3771     IMG_3769




The Temple of Hercules Victor, the oldest surviving marble edifice, dates from 120 BC.

IMG_3786     IMG_3784     IMG_3783     IMG_3782

IMG_3781     IMG_3780

IMG_3778     IMG_3779

IMG_3789     IMG_3788

Walking further on, a grassy park opens in front of us

that was once the infamous racing track, The Circus Maximus.


IMG_3792     IMG_3793     IMG_3794

IMG_3796     IMG_3797     IMG_3798

IMG_3800     IMG_3801     IMG_3802

IMG_3795     IMG_3803     IMG_3804

circus maximus

(Reconstruction Image Source: Internet)

Overhead view of Circus Maximus and the Imperial Palace on Palatine Hill.

IMG_3807     IMG_3806     IMG_3805

IMG_3818     IMG_3819

IMG_3820     IMG_3822

IMG_3815     IMG_3811

IMG_3813     IMG_3814     IMG_3812



IMG_3831     IMG_3832     IMG_3828

IMG_3829     IMG_3834     IMG_3830

IMG_3827     IMG_3826

IMG_3825     IMG_3824

IMG_3842     IMG_3843


Yet another casualty of the heat…!

IMG_3840     IMG_3839

IMG_3838     IMG_3837

IMG_3833     IMG_3836     IMG_3835


IMG_3845     IMG_3859

IMG_3663     IMG_3651



IMG_3856     IMG_3855

IMG_3857     IMG_3858

IMG_3846 An interesting end to a long hot day: The Pyramid of Cestius.

IMG_3851     IMG_3853     IMG_3852     IMG_3847

IMG_3848     IMG_3849     IMG_3850

The last remaining of as many as four pyramids in the city,

it was erected in 330 days around 18 BC.


Sun getting low, after a grocery store stop for another evening self-catered dinner,

we catch a free train ride back to the hotel

and some rest before our last day in Rome and traveling on to Athens.


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