Rome 6.20.2007


Wake to bright sunlight and spill out onto the street
looking for provisions and transportation to the site outlined in a walking tour.
Around the corner is an entomology building adorned with a spray paint mural of insects.

IMG_3297     IMG_3295     IMG_3293

IMG_3296     IMG_3298

Outside Istituto di Zoologia dell’università La Sapienza

(Zoology Institute of La Sapienza University)

Piazzale Valerio Massimo, 6, 00162 Roma RM, Italy (Map)

The artist is on the ladder at work at the far end of the wall.


Time takes its toll, the mural as of March 2022.


At a corner shop we are recognized as Americans and promptly offered hamburgers and Coca-Cola.
Instead, we request espressos and paninis (sandwiches, like bocadillos in Spain).
We load up with water and head down into the underground to the Metro.
First stop is Trevi Fountain, completed in the mid-1700’s:
Extremely hot with no shade available, the building-sized fountain swarms with tourists.

IMG_3303     IMG_3319     IMG_3306

IMG_3300     IMG_3302     IMG_3301

IMG_3304     IMG_3305

IMG_3307     IMG_3308

IMG_3309     IMG_3311     IMG_3310

IMG_3312     IMG_3317     IMG_3318     IMG_3313


IMG_3314     IMG_3315

IMG_3322     IMG_3323     IMG_3321     IMG_3320

A contemporary Centurion soldier makes a mobile phone call.

IMG_3324     IMG_3325

IMG_3326     IMG_3328     IMG_3327

Too hot to continue with such a terrible map,
we purchase a new map and sit for cold Morettis on a patio.
A plan made, when the bill arrives, there’s an extra charge for patio service.
We see that at 8 each (over $10!),we should stick to cheap bodega corner markets.


A classically-styled sidewalk chalk drawing.


Uptight business men in sharp dark suits

cut lines through the traffic of people and cars.

The Column of Marcus Aurelius was erected to commemorate

Aurelius’ actions in the Marcomannic Danubian Wars that began in 166 AD.

The continuous frieze that wraps over 100 feet high

around the column depicts events of the battles.

IMG_3331     IMG_3334     IMG_3333

IMG_3335     IMG_3337     IMG_3336

IMG_3342     IMG_3339     IMG_3340


Sweating and dazed, we round another corner

and yet another piece of history meets our eyes- the Pantheon!

IMG_3343     IMG_3344

IMG_3345     IMG_3346

IMG_3348     IMG_3347     IMG_3349

Originally a pagan temple when constructed in 80AD,

it was later converted to a Catholic church in the 7th Century.

IMG_3350     IMG_3351     IMG_3352

IMG_3355     IMG_3353      IMG_3356

IMG_3357     IMG_3358     IMG_3359     IMG_3360

IMG_3361     IMG_3362     IMG_3363


IMG_3364     IMG_3366     IMG_3367

IMG_3368     IMG_3369     IMG_3370     IMG_3372


 The eclectic collection mobbed by crowds

is lit by the only source in the building: the Oculus.

IMG_3354     IMG_3373

IMG_3374     IMG_3375     IMG_3376     IMG_3378

IMG_3377     IMG_3379

IMG_3380     IMG_3381     IMG_3382     IMG_3383


IMG_3386     IMG_3387

IMG_3388     IMG_3389     IMG_3390

IMG_3391     IMG_3394     IMG_3392     IMG_3393

IMG_3395     IMG_3396

IMG_3397     IMG_3399     IMG_3398

IMG_3400     IMG_3402     IMG_3401     IMG_3403

Meanwhile back outside…

IMG_3404     IMG_3405


Around a decrepit side of the Pantheon.



IMG_3407     IMG_3411

IMG_3410     IMG_3412

Bernini’sElephant and Obelisk in front of the only Gothic church in Rome,

Santa Maria Sopra Minerva,

We duck inside to get out of the summer sun

to find a hidden treasure of private chapels,
and Michelangelo’s Cristo_della_Minerva (Christ the Redeemer).
No photos allowed, but culture in a comfortable temperature
invited us to remain a few hours.
Afterward, our guidebook suggests Sant Eustachio il Caffe for the Grancaffe.
Smooth and slightly sweet, it was a quick caffeine hit before continuing on to Vatican City.

IMG_3413     IMG_3414

IMG_3415     IMG_3416


IMG_3420     IMG_3421     IMG_3422

IMG_3423     IMG_3424     IMG_3425

IMG_3426     IMG_3427     IMG_3428     IMG_3433



IMG_3434     IMG_3431     IMG_3432

The bridge is lined with sculptures of angels
holding Arma Christi (“Weapons of Christ”), or the Instruments of the Passion,
by various sculptors working under Bernini.
The sculptures are pictured as follows:

Angel with the Crown of Thorns (In aerumna mea dum configitur spina) by Paolo Naldini,

Angel with the Sudarium (Veronica’s Veil)(Respice faciem Christi tui) by Cosimo Fancelli

IMG_3442     IMG_3441

Angel with the Nails (Aspicient ad me quem confixerunt) by Girolamo Lucenti,

Angel with the Garment and Dice (Super vestimentum meum miserunt sortem) by Paolo Naldini

IMG_3443     IMG_3444

St. Paul with Book and Broken Sword (Borgo) by Paolo Romano,

St. Peter with Book (Rione XIV) by Lorenzetto

IMG_3435     IMG_3437     IMG_3436


Angel with the Column (Tronus meus in columna) by Antonio Raggi,

Angel with the Whips (In flagella paratus sum) by Lazzaro Morelli

IMG_3438     IMG_3439


Angel with the Cross (Cuius principatus super humerum eius) by Ercole Ferrata,

Angel with the Superscription (Regnavit a ligno deus) by Giulio Cartari

IMG_3446     IMG_3447

Angel with the Lance (Vulnerasti cor meum) by Domenico Guidi,

Angel with the Sponge (Potaverunt me aceto) by Antonio Giorgetti

IMG_3448     IMG_3449

IMG_3450     IMG_3452

IMG_3454     IMG_3456     IMG_3455

The end of our walking tour, Saint Peter’s is in sight.

IMG_3429     IMG_3453     IMG_3451

To the left of the castle is Saint Peter’s Basilica (San Pietro)
in Vatican City shrouded in atmosphere.
The short walk is lined with embassies and the occasional stencil.


Hellraiser in Vatican City

IMG_3458     IMG_3457     IMG_3462     IMG_3461

The Canadian Embassy, Mr. Toronto gets his picture taken.


IMG_3464     IMG_3465

IMG_3468     IMG_3466     IMG_3467

 The street opens to Piazza San Pietro,

lined with elegant colonnades that frame the Basilica.


 Panorama of St. Peter Square (Image Source: Internet)

The Vatican is closed to visitors at this time of day.

IMG_3469     IMG_3471     IMG_3470



IMG_3474     IMG_3475

IMG_3478     IMG_3476     IMG_3477

The Egyptian Obelisk of the 13th century BC,

was taken to Rome in AD 37 by Emperor Caligula,

and again was moved and re-erected in 1586.

IMG_3479     IMG_3480     IMG_3487


IMG_3490     IMG_3486     IMG_3482

IMG_3485     IMG_3484     IMG_3483


IMG_3491     IMG_3492

IMG_3496     IMG_3495



IMG_3499     IMG_3494     IMG_3501

IMG_3503     IMG_3504

IMG_3505     IMG_3506


IMG_3507     IMG_3510

Veni Vidi Vici…without Nazism!


The City Symbol:
(“The Senate and People of Rome”)
 With no place open to purchase tickets, we return on the train for free.
Feeling faint and looking pale, Jude retires to his kitchenette-bed-room
while we revisit the Chinese restaurant around the block
for a quiet dinner together at a shared table.


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