Florence to Rome 6.19.2007


All roads lead to the Rome today as we continue our travels

south to the ancient capitol of the world founded in 753 BC!

Map of Florence to Rome

Map: Florence to Rome

IMG_3229     IMG_3230
Early morning still life of our most current adventures.
Out into the late morning sun, the search for a laundry is on.
High siesta, shop after shop is closed.
The sting of sweat in our eyes drives us back to the room to regroup.
Water, relaxation and a lunch downstairs revives our spirits.

And this time we ask for directions first..!


Finally! An open laundrette – but not much of a refuge from the heat.

We meet a friendly Romanian woman who speaks little English or Spanish.

Folded and finished, we head back to the room to pack.


IMG_3234     IMG_3235


Last night, Jude thought a jug of cheap wine

would give him a better taste of the culture.

Now he needs to decide how to pack it with his gear…

IMG_3237     IMG_3238     IMG_3239     IMG_3236

For a more portable, less breakable container, he uses a water bottle to carry his wine.

Amusingly, now he looks like he’s taking swigs from a bottle of cooking oil.

 Trying to beat the heat to the station, we stop to check the map.

Jude glances to find his way and starts off

leaving his “cooking oil” wine behind while we decide which direction to take. 

Crowds get in the way as he gained a block ahead and disappeared.

At the station, we scoured the platforms for him without sign, and got into a ticket line. 

With five minutes until departure, tickets are purchased and seats are found…still no sign of him.

Scanning the windows, we spot the International Man of Mystery!

“There he is!”
“I thought you guys ditched me!” he shouts with relief.
“No, man! C’mon,” we reply.
“I don’t have a ticket!”
“Well, get one and we’ll meet you there.”
We agree to meet at the train station in Rome.
We write down the hotel address and toss him an apple as the train begins to lurch forward.

IMG_3243     IMG_3244

Alone together for the first time in weeks

we share Jude’s wine as the train clacks the serene path through the Tuscan countryside:

castles, fields, rivers, and cliffs with natural beauty all around.

IMG_3240     IMG_3241     IMG_3242

IMG_3246     IMG_3245

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IMG_3252     IMG_3253


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IMG_3258     IMG_3259


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IMG_3270     IMG_3269

 As we pull into Tiburtina Station, Rome, the skies are dominated by antennas and satellite dishes.

With time to spare until Jude arrives, we sit and begin to pour libations.

We’re surprised to find, like an apparition,
he appears from underground at the end of the platform!
“How’d you beat us here?!?”
“I took the next train. It was high velocity, It was ridiiiculous!
He’d already been looking for us at the station for 45 minutes!


Together, from the train station we confusedly take the bus for free to the designated stop

for our reservations at Residenza Camilla Apartments.

Hiking around, wet with sweat, unable to find the hotel,

we decide to send out individuals to search while the others rest.

On the third try, the alley’s location is revealed.

IMG_3272     IMG_3273

IMG_3274     IMG_3275

IMG_3511     IMG_3512

IMG_3863     IMG_3864     IMG_3865

IMG_3278     IMG_3276     IMG_3277

IMG_3279     IMG_3281     IMG_3282     IMG_3284

A classy set-up:

Jude has his own “bedroom” in the kitchenette

and a separate bedroom for us.
The luxury of a clean bed and cool air is too much to resist

and the bedroom becomes the common area.

IMG_3280     IMG_3283

IMG_3285     IMG_3286

Soon, we venture out again for a meal of Italian Chinese food.
The price is right, food is tasty
and they even throw in strange trinkets with LED lights and Looney Tunes characters…

Our first night in the Eternal City, some relaxation on the terrace under the night sky,

and followed by an early bed…

IMG_3287     IMG_3290     IMG_3289

IMG_3288     IMG_3291     IMG_3292


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