Uffizi Hall of Heroes, Florence, Italy

– Uffizi Hall of Heroes –

a series of photos taken in Florence, Italy

of the collection of 28 artists and innovators

sculpted and installed in the Piazzale degli Uffizi Colonnade,

the main area and entrance of the Uffizi Gallery Museum.

For more detailed information on the sculpted figures, view this Florence Museums link.

View our day in Florence when these images were taken: Italy Day 3: Florence (6-18-2007).

The 28 sculptures are listed as follows:

Andrea Di Cione (Orcagna) by Niccolò Bazzanti,

 Cosimo the Elder (Pater Patriae) by Luigi Magi, Lorenzo Il Magnifico by Gaetano Grazzini

IMG_3029     IMG_3030     IMG_3032


Nicola Pisano by Pio FediGiotto by Giovanni Dupré,

Donatello by Girolamo Torrini, Leon Battista Alberti by Giovanni Lusini

IMG_3033     IMG_3034     IMG_3035     IMG_3039

Benvenuto Cellini by Ulisse Cambi, Guido Aretino by Lorenzo Nencin,

Leonardo Da Vinci by Luigi Pampaloni, Michelangelo Buonarroti by Emilio Santarelli

IMG_3040     IMG_3041     IMG_3042     IMG_3043

Accorso by Odoardo Fantacchiotti, Sant Antonino by Giovanni Dupré,

Dante Alighieri by Emilio Demi, Andrea Cesalpino by Pio Fedi

IMG_3044     IMG_3045     IMG_3046     IMG_3047

Francesco Petrarca by Andrea Leoni, Giovanni Boccaccio by Odoardo Fantacchiotti,

Paolo Mascagni by Lodovico Caselli, Nicolò Machiavelli by Lorenzo Bartolini

IMG_3048     IMG_3049     IMG_3050     IMG_3052

Francesco Redi by Pietro Costa


Galileo Galilei by Aristodemo Costoli, Pier Antonio Micheli by Vincenzo Consani

IMG_3054     IMG_3056     IMG_3055

Francesco Guicciardini by Luigi Cartei, Amerigo Vespucci by Gaetano Grazzini

IMG_3057     IMG_3058     IMG_3059

Pier Capponi by Torello Bacci, Farinata Degli Uberti by Francesco Pozzi,

Giovanni Dalle Bande Nere by Temistocle Guerrazzi, Francesco Ferrucci by Pasquale Romanelli

IMG_3063     IMG_3064     IMG_3065     IMG_3066

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