Florence 6.18.2007


Late start to breakfast at the sidewalk cafe downstairs
and another day of exploring the artistic wonders of Florence!
Our morning walk leads us to Piazza della Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio, and the Uffizi Gallery.

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Around every corner treasures of Italian art are found…

Mythological creatures in bronze.

IMG_3010     IMG_3015     IMG_3016


IMG_3022     IMG_3023

Perseus and Medusa and The Rape of the Sabines

Art history is strewn all about the city center.

Through a corridor lined with famous Florentines is the entrance to the Uffizi Museum
housing, among many important works, Michelangelo’s David.

IMG_3034     IMG_3038     IMG_3059

IMG_3036     IMG_3051     IMG_3061


A look back at the direction we came:

Piazzale degli Uffizi, the Uffizi Museum alley Hall of Heroes

lined with famous contributors to Italy’s rich artistic history.

Notice the construction crane as proof that sometimes even history needs to be renovated.

Among the oldest bridges in Europe, Ponte Vecchio
(Old Bridge)

has the nickname of The Golden Bridge because of its many jewelry stores.

IMG_3067     IMG_3068     IMG_3069

IMG_3070     IMG_3073     IMG_3074

IMG_3071     IMG_3072     IMG_3075


IMG_3077     IMG_3078

The view on Ponte Vecchio


 Renovation in action at Pitti Palace (Palazzo Pitti) (below).

Interesting idea for Trompe L’oeil

covering the scaffold with a vinyl exterior to match the building’s facia.

IMG_3081     IMG_3080

A classic example of Italian automotive design parked in front of Pitti Palace.

IMG_3082     IMG_3083     IMG_3086

IMG_3084     IMG_3085



IMG_3088     IMG_3089

IMG_3092     IMG_3090     IMG_3091


 IMG_3099     IMG_3098     IMG_3100

The guidebook leads us outside the well-preserved Roman Gate (Porta Romana)

in the city wall to follow a winding, natural walk through the countryside edge of the city.



IMG_3104     IMG_3102     IMG_3103

To gather our bearings, we have a rest stop for a cold beer and even colder gelato to go.

A most excellent delicacy!

Lemon, Mint Chocolate, and Pistachio,

so many choices, we each got something different to share!

Refreshed, we soldiered onward in our walking journey lined with massive Italian Spire trees.


IMG_3106     IMG_3107     IMG_3108

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IMG_3114     IMG_3117     IMG_3118

IMG_3119     IMG_3120

At a distance, we find unbeatable photo opportunities of the city.

IMG_3121     IMG_3122

IMG_3123     IMG_3124

An interesting roadside set of stairs, mossy rocks, and a mysterious back entrance to . . . somewhere.

IMG_3131     IMG_3128     IMG_3127

IMG_3129     IMG_3125

IMG_3126     IMG_3130     IMG_3132

IMG_3133     IMG_3134     IMG_3135

IMG_3136     IMG_3137

Pericolo di Morte (Danger of Death) – We took it as a warning sign.

IMG_3140     IMG_3139     IMG_3138

IMG_3141     IMG_3142

IMG_3144     IMG_3143

IMG_3146     IMG_3145

Still walking the winding path, we then came to an intriguing monastery…

IMG_3148     IMG_3149     IMG_3151

IMG_3150     IMG_3153     IMG_3154

IMG_3147     IMG_3174     IMG_3175

Basilica Abbaziale San Miniato Al Monte

Monanci Benedettini Oliventani

Cimitero Monumentale

Delle Porte Sante

IMG_3158      IMG_3155     IMG_3159

IMG_3156     IMG_3157

We begin the steep climb to the pinnacle with
the Byzantine faced building above.
Well manicured grave sites line both sides of the ascent to the building.


IMG_3161     IMG_3162

IMG_3163     IMG_3164     IMG_3165

IMG_3166     IMG_3167     IMG_3168



IMG_3170     IMG_3202     IMG_3201

IMG_3169     IMG_3178     IMG_3177

IMG_3176     IMG_3179

IMG_3180     IMG_3182     IMG_3183


IMG_3192     IMG_3191

IMG_3190     IMG_3194     IMG_3184

IMG_3200     IMG_3185

IMG_3195     IMG_3196

IMG_3197     IMG_3199

IMG_3173     IMG_3187     IMG_3204

IMG_3205     IMG_3206

Just after we silently enter the dark and seemingly deserted monastery, a bell tolls.

Taken by surprise we freeze as an elderly man in robes, a monk,
appears at the top of the stairs behind the altar.

Perhaps under a vow of silence, he claps three times and begins to descend the stairs.

Unsure, we slowly turn to leave the way we came.

Through the door, we look behind to see the man with his right hand raised.

As we return the gesture with a wave…
the monk makes the sign of the cross accompanied by a subtle smile!

And so we were blessed…even if it was in a monastery cemetery…

IMG_3207     IMG_3208

Contemplating a newly blessed stature.

We leave the monastery in an enlightened state of mind.



IMG_3211     IMG_3212      IMG_3213     IMG_3214

IMG_3215     IMG_3216

IMG_3220     IMG_3221     IMG_3219

As the sun lowers in the sky,

we continue along the road named for Galileo to the next point of interest…

The last goal for the day: Piazzale Michelangelo is perfectly framed in the dusk light.

The plaza features a copy of David overlooking the city’s infamous beauty.

The sun, obscured by overcast, glistens on the River Arno as a reward for our day’s achievements.

The experience is not unlike what Stendahl described

in his writings of extreme art and beauty in Florence and life.

IMG_3223     IMG_3222     IMG_3224

IMG_3218     IMG_3217

IMG_3226     IMG_3225

Starved and tired from the eventful hike,

we indulge in Firenze-themed cheeseburgers such as the Galileo and the Michelangelo

as well as a large and well-deserved Moretti beer

while watching the sunset and hoping we can find our way back to the hotel in the dark.


IMG_3228     IMG_3227

Winding back to the room, a stencil suggests varieties of love…

The guys venture out into the night for takeout pizza and more beers

while I stay and book lodging in Rome for the next night…


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