Mariposa, California 8.7.2008


Slow day at the Butterfly Ranch in Mariposa, California,

there is some concern for the evacuation and impending forest fire danger…

“Mariposa County Sheriff Advisement –

These Premises have been evacuated due to an emergency.

If you do not have legal justification for being at this residence

you can be prosecuted for a Misdemeanor under California Law sections 602.5, 602, and 409.5.

If you have any questions about this advisement please contact the Mariposa Sheriff’s Department”

The animals don’t seem too disturbed…

IMG_5481     IMG_5478

IMG_5477     IMG_5479     IMG_5480

IMG_5482     IMG_5483

IMG_5484     IMG_5485

We trip to the Merced River for a swim

and back to the ranch in the evening…

Mariposa, CA, August 7, 2008     Mariposa, CA, August 7, 2008     Mariposa, CA, August 7, 2008     Mariposa, CA, August 7, 2008

Mariposa, CA, August 7, 2008


IMG_5487     IMG_5488


Another day at the swimming hole,

We take it easy and go back the next day

for another swim in the wild Merced.


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