Mariposa, California 8.6.2008


Third day in Mariposa and hanging with the pets at the Butterfly Ranch,

we tour the Mariposa Museum & History Center

and the California State Mining & Mineral Museum

before returning to the ranch for the evening…


IMG_5363     IMG_5364


IMG_5366     IMG_5367

These animals, Mene the Pyrenees, and Herbie the Housecat

are not professional actors…

IMG_5368     IMG_5369

IMG_5370     IMG_5371

IMG_5372     IMG_5373


IMG_5375     IMG_5376

IMG_5377     IMG_5378     IMG_5379

IMG_5380     IMG_5381

IMG_5382      IMG_5383

IMG_5384     IMG_5385     IMG_5386

IMG_5387     IMG_5388     IMG_5389

IMG_5390     IMG_5391     IMG_5392

IMG_5393     IMG_5394

IMG_5395     IMG_5396

IMG_5397     IMG_5398

IMG_5399     IMG_5400     IMG_5401

IMG_5402     IMG_5403     IMG_5404

IMG_5405     IMG_5406


After a morning of animals mugging for the camera,

we decide to go into town and see the local sights.

IMG_5410     IMG_5409

IMG_5408     IMG_5407


Mariposa Museum & History Center

IMG_5412     IMG_5413

IMG_5416     IMG_5414

IMG_5417     IMG_5415

IMG_5418     IMG_5419


IMG_5421     IMG_5422     IMG_5423

IMG_5424     IMG_5428

 IMG_5425     IMG_5426     IMG_5427

IMG_5429     IMG_5430

California State Mining & Mineral Museum

IMG_5431     IMG_5433     IMG_5432

IMG_5434     IMG_5435



IMG_5438     IMG_5439

IMG_5441     IMG_5440

IMG_5443     IMG_5442

IMG_5444     IMG_5445

IMG_5446     IMG_5447     IMG_5448

IMG_5449     IMG_5450

IMG_5451     IMG_5452

IMG_5453     IMG_5454

IMG_5455     IMG_5456     IMG_5457

IMG_5458     IMG_5459     IMG_5460

IMG_5461     IMG_5462

IMG_5463     IMG_5464     IMG_5465

IMG_5466     IMG_5467

IMG_5468     IMG_5469




IMG_5473     IMG_5474

IMG_5475     IMG_5476

After the museums we regroup back at the ranch for a meal

and to plan our route beyond Mariposa…


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