Mariposa, California 8.5.2008


Our second morning in Mariposa, California,

after coffee and breakfast at the Butterfly Ranch,

we decide to drive into Yosemite National Park to take in some sights.


 IMG_5304     IMG_5306

IMG_5307     IMG_5308     IMG_5309

IMG_5310     IMG_5311     IMG_5312

IMG_5313     IMG_5314

IMG_5315     IMG_5316

IMG_5317     IMG_5318


IMG_5320     IMG_5321

IMG_5322     IMG_5323

IMG_5324     IMG_5325

IMG_5326     IMG_5327

IMG_5328     IMG_5329     IMG_5330     IMG_5331

IMG_5332     IMG_5333     IMG_5334


IMG_5336     IMG_5337



Anxious from being in the car and wanting to get out into nature,

we pull over to walk down and wade into the Merced River.

for a brief swim with the river flies…

IMG_5342     IMG_5343

IMG_5345     IMG_5346     IMG_5347

IMG_5348     IMG_5349

IMG_5350     IMG_5351


IMG_5353     IMG_5354

IMG_5355     IMG_5356

IMG_5357     IMG_5359

IMG_5361     IMG_5360     IMG_5358

Mariposa, CA, August 5, 2008     Mariposa, CA, August 5, 2008     Mariposa, CA, August 5, 2008

Mariposa, CA, August 5, 2008     Mariposa, CA, August 5, 2008

Otherwise, a pretty quiet day of computation, conversation,

and playing with pets around the ranch…


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