Istanbul to Düsseldorf, GERMANY 7.2.2007



One night in Istanbul just wasn’t enough, but goodbye for now. Like a rally car race, and with only enough cash to pay in coins, we take a crazy taxi ride along the waterfront to catch our flight at the Istanbul Atatürk Airport and then onward to three days in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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Upon arrival at the Düsseldorf Airport for the second time in a month, and after some extensive review of a Linienplan map of the somewhat confusing Metro train system, we found our bearings.

IMG_5022     IMG_5023

Remember, when in Germany, “ß” sounds like two S’s.

Example: Street = Straß, but sounds like “Strass”
That’s what they call a ligature.
Düsseldorf airport to the Düsseldorf Stadtbahn trains (line U70)
to Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof (train station),
leaving the train station on foot, looking for the City Apart Hotel,
lost under the overcast sky, we passed a taxi stand.
“Taxi. Klasterstraß?”
The directions came in English, “That way, left, right, and right, and there you are.”
“Ah! Thank you! Dankeschoen!” we bid the taxi hacks and carried on.
After checking in with the tourist center en route,
the agent was kind enough to inform us of one of the local specialties,
“Alt.” Beer.
She gave us a map of the area and pointed out at least five breweries on the area’s walking tour.
Mostly a recovery day, we found our hotel and spent twenty two hours sleeping
to overcome the jetlag and everything else Europe had to throw at us.

IMG_5025     IMG_5024     IMG_5035

View from City Apart Hotel

IMG_5031     IMG_5036

IMG_5026     IMG_5032

IMG_5027     IMG_5030     IMG_5033


IMG_5028     IMG_5029

A well deserved rest, the clock in the room off by some hours,

so we were confused waking in the night

wondering where we are and what the time is…

Germany. Night. Keep sleeping…


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