San Francisco, California 10.6-9.2005

– San Francisco, California 2005 –

This 35mm series was shot on our wandering around San Francisco.

It is fleet week, there are airplane demonstrations over the bay, sailors on leave, and “the City” is lively.


– 10.6.2005 –

Arriving after dark with accommodations at Adelaide Hostel,

a room with a fire escape and rooftop access.

SAVE0212     SAVE0213

SAVE0214     SAVE0215

We go out in the evening but leave the camera behind as it’s too dark to shoot.


– 10.7.2005 –

Up early, we enjoy the continental breakfast,

then return to the room before hitting the streets.

SAVE0216     SAVE0217


SAVE0219     SAVE0220

SAVE0221     SAVE0222

SAVE0223     SAVE0224

SAVE0225     SAVE0226

SAVE0227    SAVE0228

SAVE0229     SAVE0230


SAVE0232     SAVE0233

Tripping the the Palace of Fine Arts and the Exploratorium

and enjoy the architecture and swan lake serenity.

SAVE0234     SAVE0235     SAVE0236     SAVE0237


SAVE0239     SAVE0240     SAVE0241

SAVE0242     SAVE0243


SAVE0245     SAVE0246

SAVE0247     SAVE0248     SAVE0249     SAVE0250


SAVE0252     SAVE0253     SAVE0254



Evening meal at a second story Chinatown restaurant,

and some more wandering after dark without a camera.


– 10.8.2005 –

Here at Embarcadero, wind our way up to Coit Tower atop Telegraph Hill,

and back down Filbert Street pedestrian walkway,

into the North Beach neighborhood for a meal,

and a beverage at the Owl Tree before heading back to the Adelaide Hostel.

SAVE0257     SAVE0258



SAVE0261     SAVE0262

SAVE0263     SAVE0264

SAVE0265     SAVE0266     SAVE0267     SAVE0268

SAVE0269     SAVE0270

SAVE0271     SAVE0272

SAVE0273     SAVE0274     SAVE0276     SAVE0277

SAVE0278     SAVE0279

SAVE0280     SAVE0281



SAVE0284     SAVE0285     SAVE0286

“No Dogs. Teacup Poodles OK.”

Montgomery and Filbert Streets.

While we were curiously admiring this unusual marker,

an elderly man called from a window in the building behind us.

“Do you know what that is?”

He explained that people would leave their garbage there

and he joked that if the city posted not to in six different languages

people would still leave their garbage there,

and then he pointed out the sign in six languages.



After adoringly befriending Dr. Bob Major, “Ginger” became

“office dog” and vice-president of public relations for her

master. Despite having flunked biting in training school,

one can plainly see that this apricot teacup poodle is

definitely destined for reading success.

TEACUP POODLES OK  1987 Dick Fosselman and Rick Helf
Donated by Mrs. Patricia Carson Major.
Live planting by Susan Stasio


SAVE0289     SAVE0290     SAVE0291

SAVE0292     SAVE0295

SAVE0293     SAVE0294

SAVE0296     SAVE0297     SAVE0298

SAVE0299     SAVE0301     SAVE0300


SAVE0303     SAVE0304

“Dead End. No Groups Please.”


SAVE0306     SAVE0307


SAVE0309     SAVE0310     SAVE0311

Evening in North Beach for a bite to eat,

a muralist at work,

and some sailors on leave.

SAVE0312     SAVE0315

SAVE0316     SAVE0317     SAVE0318

Owl Tree lounge for a tasty beverage and snack mix,

interesting wallpaper on the way to the second story restroom.


 Afterward, return to the Adelaide Hostel for an evening rest…


– 10.9.2005 –

Last day in San Francisco, Fort Point beneath Golden Gate Bridge

before hitting the road back to Las Vegas.

SAVE0320     SAVE0321

SAVE0322     SAVE0323

SAVE0324     SAVE0325

SAVE0327     SAVE0328     SAVE0326

SAVE0329     SAVE0332

SAVE0330     SAVE0331

SAVE0333     SAVE0368     SAVE0369

SAVE0370     SAVE0371

SAVE0372     SAVE0373     SAVE0374     SAVE0375

SAVE0376     SAVE0377

That’s where our budget for 35mm film ran out.

What a city! We could take a lifetime of pictures!

Images with a ring around the subject matter are shot through a cheap fisheye lens.

When we return we will be shooting digitally and the series will be much longer.

Until then…

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