Reno, Nevada to Sacramento, California 8.1.2012


Morning in Reno, we check out of the Siena Hotel, drive through Truckee

and the Nevada-California border on our way to Sacramento

where we stay on the Delta King, in Old Sacramento, and walk the area

including the California State Capitol Museum and Capitol Park, and K Street Mall.

IMG_1231     IMG_1236     IMG_1237

IMG_1239     IMG_1238

The Truckee River splits Reno in two.

In the night, taggers hit the building across the river.

IMG_1240     IMG_1241

IMG_1243     IMG_1242

IMG_1244     IMG_1245

IMG_1246     IMG_1247

IMG_2504     IMG_1248

IMG_2505     IMG_2506     IMG_1249


IMG_2507     IMG_2508

IMG_1251     IMG_1252

IMG_1256     IMG_1255

IMG_1254     IMG_1253

IMG_1259     IMG_1258     IMG_1257

IMG_1260     IMG_1261

IMG_1262     IMG_1263


 IMG_1265     IMG_1266

IMG_1267     IMG_1268

The real reason we set out on this expedition,

the Gregory Euclide: Nature Out There exhibit at the Nevada Museum of Art, Reno.

No photos allowed!

However, Euclide’s work may be seen on his website

and the band Bon Iver used a Euclide for their 2011 release, Bon Iver.

As well, the Wilbur D. May Sculpture Plaza is outside the Nevada Art Museum,

so we took some shots of the outdoor sculptural works.

(Note to art patrons: No overpowering fragrances such as perfumes or aftershaves!

No one wants to smell you while they appreciate art!)


IMG_1272     IMG_1270     IMG_1271

IMG_1273     IMG_1274     IMG_1275

After the Euclide exhibit, we started for Sacramento, California.

IMG_1276     IMG_1277

IMG_1278     IMG_1279

IMG_1280     IMG_1281     IMG_1282

Now entering Truckee, Nevada.

IMG_1283     IMG_1284     IMG_1285

IMG_1286     IMG_1287

IMG_1288     IMG_1289

IMG_1290     IMG_1291     IMG_1292

IMG_1293     IMG_1294

IMG_1295     IMG_1296

IMG_1296     IMG_1297

IMG_1298     IMG_1299

IMG_1300     IMG_1302

IMG_1303     IMG_1301

IMG_1304     IMG_1305     IMG_1306

IMG_1307     IMG_1308     IMG_1309

The Kruger-White House.

IMG_1310     IMG_1312     IMG_1311

IMG_1313     IMG_1314

IMG_1315     IMG_1316

IMG_1317     IMG_1318

IMG_1319     IMG_1320

IMG_1321     IMG_1322


Now entering Sacramento, California.

IMG_1324     IMG_1326     IMG_1325


Tower Bridge crossing the Sacramento River.

IMG_1328     IMG_1329

IMG_1330     IMG_1331

IMG_1332     IMG_1333

Moored on the Sacramento River, the Delta King is our home for the evening.

IMG_1334     IMG_1335


IMG_1337     IMG_1338     IMG_1339

IMG_1340     IMG_1341     IMG_1342

IMG_1343     IMG_1344

IMG_1345     IMG_1346     IMG_1347     IMG_1348

Tower Bridge in the distance.

IMG_1349     IMG_1350

IMG_1351     IMG_1352     IMG_1353

IMG_1354     IMG_1355     IMG_1356


Pioneer Park, Old Sacramento, California.

IMG_1359     IMG_1357     IMG_1360

IMG_1361     IMG_1362     IMG_1363     IMG_1364

IMG_1365     IMG_1366     IMG_1367

IMG_1368     IMG_1369

IMG_1370     IMG_1371     IMG_1372



Visitors of Sacramento may use the convenient K Street Tunnel pedestrian underpass access

connecting Old Sacramento with Downtown Sacramento

by going underneath Interstate 5 (I-5).

IMG_1384     IMG_1383     IMG_1382

Historical Timeline of Sacramento in the K Street Tunnel.

IMG_1381     IMG_1380     IMG_1379

IMG_1378     IMG_1377

IMG_1376     IMG_1375

The view of K Street after exiting the Downtown Plaza.

IMG_1385     IMG_1386     IMG_1387

IMG_1388     IMG_1389     IMG_1394

IMG_1392     IMG_1390     IMG_1393

The former Burt’s Shoes and Tower Records building with mural designed by Frank Carson.


IMG_1395     IMG_1396

K Street Tunnel

mural designed & painted by

Juanishi Orosco, Daniel Orosco, and Joe Orosco,

Royal Chicano Air Force (RCAF) (1982),

commissioned by

Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission (SMAC).

IMG_1397     IMG_1398

IMG_1399     IMG_1400

IMG_1486     IMG_1487

With the evening quickly setting in,

we return to the Delta King

after getting shut down for dinner.



IMG_1403     IMG_1404     IMG_1405


IMG_1407     IMG_1408


IMG_1410     IMG_1411

IMG_1412     IMG_1413

The Ziggurat lit up at night.

IMG_1414     IMG_1415


IMG_1418     IMG_1419

IMG_1420     IMG_1421     IMG_1422

IMG_1423     IMG_1424

Back in the room we check in on the televised 2012 Summer Olympics

and review the newspaper and map for the next morning.

IMG_2509     IMG_2510     IMG_2511     IMG_2512

IMG_2513     IMG_2514     IMG_2515     IMG_2516

IMG_2517     IMG_2518     IMG_2519     IMG_2520

IMG_2522     IMG_2523


IMG_2525     IMG_2526     IMG_2527

No dinner other than what we brought with us,

after the Olympic highlights, we step back out on deck

to take some shots of the Delta King after dark.



IMG_1427     IMG_1428     IMG_1429


IMG_1431     IMG_1432

IMG_1433     IMG_1434     IMG_1435

IMG_1436     IMG_1437     IMG_1438

IMG_1439     IMG_1440     IMG_1441

IMG_1442     IMG_1443

IMG_1444     IMG_1445

IMG_1446     IMG_1447

IMG_1448     IMG_1449     IMG_1450

IMG_1451     IMG_1452

IMG_1453     IMG_1454     IMG_1455

IMG_1456     IMG_1457

IMG_1458     IMG_1459


IMG_2529     IMG_2530

IMG_2531     IMG_2532

In the room again for a beverage refill…

IMG_2533     IMG_2534     IMG_2535     IMG_2536

IMG_2537     IMG_2538     IMG_2539     IMG_2540


IMG_2542     IMG_2543     IMG_2544


IMG_2546     IMG_2547     IMG_2548     IMG_2549

IMG_2550     IMG_2551

IMG_2552     IMG_2553     IMG_2554     IMG_2555

IMG_2556     IMG_2557     IMG_2558

IMG_2559     IMG_2560

IMG_2561     IMG_2562     IMG_2563

…and, after a shower, again on deck to enjoy the night air

and the rushing Sacramento River.

IMG_2564     IMG_2565

IMG_2566     IMG_2567

IMG_2568     IMG_2569     IMG_2571

IMG_2570     IMG_2572     IMG_2573     IMG_2574


IMG_2575     IMG_2577     IMG_2578     IMG_2580


Long day and a good night,

we plan to sightsee Sacramento in the morning

before carrying on down Pacific Coast Highway 1.



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