Nice 6.15.2007


Last planned day in Nice, we wake late . . . again.
The fellows feel even more ill as rain falls heavily outside.
We decide to keep the room another night for more recovery time before continuing on to Italy.
So ride the elevator down to the front desk to make our arrangements.

IMG_2809     IMG_2808

IMG_2810     IMG_2811

Expired key upon returning to the room and knocks

were greeted by the guys already relaxing.

Tired and worn from our whirlwind of travels, we spend some time in hijinx
with LED light headbands as excellent props.

IMG_2812     IMG_2813     IMG_2814

IMG_2818     IMG_2819

IMG_2815     IMG_2817     IMG_2816

IMG_2854     IMG_2820     IMG_2823

IMG_2821     IMG_2822



The rain fell heavy and steady with comforting sounds and smells.
 The reflections in the large window provide unique photo opportunities.

IMG_2829     IMG_2830

IMG_2831     IMG_2832

IMG_2833     IMG_2834     IMG_2836     IMG_2837

IMG_2835     IMG_2838

IMG_2840     IMG_2839     IMG_2841     IMG_2842

IMG_2843     IMG_2844     IMG_2845

IMG_2846     IMG_2847     IMG_2848     IMG_2849


IMG_2851     IMG_2852     IMG_2853

As the rain clears, our heads do as well.
Feeling a bit better, we set out
for a second attempt at seeing the
and its Onion Domes.

IMG_2862  IMG_2869     IMG_2870

IMG_2857     IMG_2855     IMG_2856

IMG_2858     IMG_2859     IMG_2860


IMG_2871     IMG_2863     IMG_2864     IMG_2872

IMG_2873     IMG_2866     IMG_2865

IMG_2867     IMG_2868

When we arrive, the Cathedral is still open!
A fee of 3 Euros to enter, but the cashier cuts us a break – 2 for 1!
Inside, visitors are blinded by all the gold.
Every wall is covered with ornate and luxurious devotional details.
No photos!
Cameras are not allowed inside, but a sneaky tourist published this image online.


(Images Source: Internet)

Deemed one of the most magnificent Cathedrals outside of mother Russia,

St. Nicholas became home to many relics after communism took hold in the early 1900’s.
Closing time, we are asked to be on our way.
 On the way back to Etap, we stop at the train station
to secure tickets for tomorrow’s ride on to Pisa, Italy.

IMG_2876     IMG_2875     IMG_2874

News from home:

We have a laugh and wonder how Parisians must feel…


Another night of self-catering
and early to bed to prepare for departure the next morning.


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