Nice 6.14.2007


Sleeping in, the guys feel a little run down or sick this morning.

Maybe too many cigarettes.
Today there is laundry to be done.
The front desk directs us to a nearby laundrette and cafe down the block.


IMG_2798     IMG_2773

While the laundry dries, we spend a few hours enjoying croissants and espresso
and later a fresh chef salad.
Back in the room, we clean up, change clothes, and relax.

A tour of the typical Etap accommodation:

The spacious and clean restroom…

IMG_2765     IMG_2766

IMG_2769     IMG_2763

…the dorm style furniture with a queen sized bed below and a twin bed above.

IMG_2762     IMG_2764

…and we mustn’t forget the view…

IMG_2767     IMG_2768


IMG_2806     IMG_2800     IMG_2801


IMG_2804     IMG_2803     IMG_2802

Restless in the room,
we rally to see the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nicholas (L’Église Russe)
featured in the guidebook.
Out for a walk in the afternoon along the Promenade des Anglais,
some sights we saw along the way.

IMG_2774     IMG_2786

IMG_2783     IMG_2784     IMG_2785

IMG_2776     IMG_2779     IMG_2778

IMG_2777     IMG_2775

Through the trees, the ornately tiled “onion domes” of St. Nicholas come into view,
but getting closer we find the gates are locked.

IMG_2780     IMG_2781     IMG_2782


No Cathedral today, and unsure what else to do,
we make the walk back to the hotel to regroup
and happen to pass through the blue tunnel from the night before.

IMG_2787     IMG_2788



IMG_2792     IMG_2793     IMG_2797

IMG_2794     IMG_2795     IMG_2796

The sun sinks as we watch airliners take off and land over the French Riviera
while skipping sea-polished stones over the smooth Mediterranean shore.
Soon, I return to the room to rest
while the guys stay out late on the beach to relax and enjoy the new surroundings.


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