Málaga Day 3 6.3.2007



Skip breakfast at the hostel,

taking remainders of bread from dinner,

and step out through the extensive underground metro construction

to the nearby convenience store for an espresso

at a quaint diner counter with other morning customers.

Sitting at the cafe bar, we join old men

drinking steaming cafe con leche out of small highball glasses.

They are also partaking in some kind of clear liqueur…

Slugging the coffees, we set off through the subway construction towards the sea,

taking in the sights – graffiti tags and an overturned glass receptacle..?.

They are also partaking in some kind of clear liqueur…

IMG_1032     IMG_1033     IMG_1034

IMG_1035     IMG_1036


IMG_1039     IMG_1040

IMG_1038     IMG_1041


IMG_1043     IMG_1044     IMG_1045

IMG_1046     IMG_1048     IMG_1047

IMG_1049     IMG_1050

IMG_1051     IMG_1052


IMG_1054     IMG_1055

Four blocks from the hostel, we reach the beach.

Industrial cargo and tanker ships, at first look, the Mediterranean does not appear very clean.

 Walking along the shore sidewalk, passerbys stare.

We Make eye-contact, saying, “Hola,” but they do not look away or greet us.

Staring into a stranger’s eyes, a curious characteristic…

IMG_1056     IMG_1057

IMG_1058     IMG_1059


IMG_1061     IMG_1062     IMG_1063

IMG_1064     IMG_1065

IMG_1066     IMG_1067     IMG_1068


IMG_1070     IMG_1071

IMG_1073     IMG_1072

IMG_1075     IMG_1074



IMG_1077     IMG_1078


IMG_1080     IMG_1082


IMG_1085     IMG_1084

IMG_1087     IMG_1086     IMG_1088

IMG_1089     IMG_1090     IMG_1091

Our first cucaracha sighting…about the size of a Euro.

IMG_1092     IMG_1093


IMG_1095     IMG_1096


IMG_1098     IMG_1099     IMG_1100

 IMG_1102     IMG_1103



IMG_1106     IMG_1108     IMG_1107


IMG_1109     IMG_1111     IMG_1118

We continue along the waterfront into El Parque de Málaga,

a well groomed park and pedestrian pathway featuring many sights.

Beautiful mosaic tiles and ceramic planters frame depictions of Spanish heraldry crest symbols

of the larger municipalities comprising the Province of Málaga.



IMG_1125     IMG_1136     IMG_1137     IMG_1138

Málaga’s coat of arms (above) in amazing tile work! “Peligro” indeed!

The crests of 12 different cities in Málaga Province are pictured as follows:

Ronda, Vélez-Málaga, Coín,

IMG_1115     IMG_1116     IMG_1117

Marbella, Mijas, Rincón de la Victoria

IMG_1120     IMG_1121     IMG_1122

Benalmádena, Estepona, Antiguera

IMG_1127     IMG_1128     IMG_1129

Fuengirloa, Alhaurín de la Torre, Álora

IMG_1139     IMG_1140     IMG_1141

IMG_1130     IMG_1131

IMG_1134     IMG_1135     IMG_1132

IMG_1119     IMG_1123


IMG_1112     IMG_1113

IMG_1142     IMG_1143

IMG_1144     IMG_1146     IMG_1145

IMG_1147     IMG_1148     IMG_1149


IMG_1153     IMG_1152     IMG_1151


IMG_1155     IMG_1156

IMG_1157     IMG_1158     IMG_1159


IMG_1161     IMG_1165

IMG_1166     IMG_1163     IMG_1162



IMG_1169     IMG_1168

IMG_1170     IMG_1171     IMG_1172

Bust of Spanish painter Antonio Muñoz Degrain.

In the park around every curve, this retreat from the summer heat includes

fountains, sculptures, and busts

strewn amongst the shady palm trees, ferns, and flowers,

There’s even an orchestral amphitheater!

IMG_1174     IMG_1177

IMG_1175     IMG_1176

IMG_1173     IMG_1178

IMG_1179     IMG_1181

IMG_1182     IMG_1183

Bust of Spanish composer Eduardo Ocón Rivas


From the park, a Spanish Galleon Ship is seen in the bay,

and what looks like the Spanish Coast Guard.


IMG_1187     IMG_1188

IMG_1186     IMG_1189     IMG_1190     IMG_1191

IMG_1192     IMG_1193


At a clearing, above the city are the walls of a castle,

curiosity marks this as the new goal for the day!

IMG_1196     IMG_1195     IMG_1197

IMG_1199     IMG_1198

Bust of poet Rubén Darío.

IMG_1200     IMG_1201     IMG_1202

A perfect walkway in the cool, lush shade,
and an ideal place for a sightseeing stroll,
the length of El Parque de Málaga eventually ends.
To continue exploring, we must venture into the rays of the sun…
We pass a corner vendor across the street selling
novelty bull and matador plates.


IMG_1205     IMG_1204


IMG_1207     IMG_1208

IMG_1209     IMG_1210

No Eating the King’s Oranges!


IMG_1212     IMG_1213

IMG_1214     IMG_1215

Ahead, the map marks the Málaga bullring, Plaza de Toros de La Malagueta is near…

IMG_1216     IMG_1217     IMG_1219     IMG_1220



Overhead view of Plaza de Toros de La Malagueta (Image Source: Wikipedia)

The building is a large, white ring with rust red accents.

Many cities in Spain have bullrings and local favorite matadors

such as Antonio Ordóñez immortalized here in bronze.

Ernest Hemingway was a family friend of the Ordóñez family,

and Antonio Ordóñez was the model for Hemingway’s novel, The Dangerous Summer,

which chronicles the rivalry between Antonio Ordóñez and Luis Miguel Dominguín.

IMG_1221     IMG_1222     IMG_1223     IMG_1224

IMG_1223     IMG_1225     IMG_1227     IMG_1228


IMG_1229     IMG_1230

After a stop on the other side of the bullring for a refreshing beverage in the shade,

we start hiking up the garden to the Castillo de Gibralfaro (Castle of Gibralfaro)

atop Monte Gibralfaro (Mount Gibralfaro).


IMG_1232     IMG_1233     IMG_1234


IMG_1237     IMG_1238

IMG_1239     IMG_1240     IMG_1241



IMG_1244     IMG_1245

Posing for a picture while passing

the Museo del Patrimonio Municipal (MUPAM).

IMG_1248     IMG_1249

IMG_1246     IMG_1252

IMG_1247     IMG_1250     IMG_1251

Our walk into the gardens of Mount Gibralfaro

starts to get surreal with amazing plant life all around!

IMG_1253     IMG_1254     IMG_1255

IMG_1256     IMG_1259     IMG_1258     IMG_1257

IMG_1260     IMG_1261     IMG_1262

IMG_1263     IMG_1264

IMG_1265     IMG_1266     IMG_1267

IMG_1268     IMG_1269     IMG_1270

IMG_1271     IMG_1272


IMG_1274     IMG_1275     IMG_1276

IMG_1277     IMG_1278     IMG_1279


IMG_1281     IMG_1282

IMG_1283     IMG_1286

IMG_1285     IMG_1284

IMG_1287     IMG_1288

IMG_1289     IMG_1290

IMG_1291     IMG_1292

IMG_1293     IMG_1296

IMG_1294     IMG_1295

The Málaga Ayuntamiento (City Hall)
has been seated beneath the gardens since the early 1800’s.
We As we see the sights, We meet our first talkative local, Luis,
and enjoy a lengthy personal conversation in Spanish
about everything to do with Málaga, family, and life!

IMG_1297     IMG_1298     IMG_1299     IMG_1300

IMG_1301     IMG_1302


IMG_1304     IMG_1305

Shortly after we parted ways with Luis, a sharp stomach pain caused nausea and vomiting…
we tripped to our Spaniard amiga, la farmacía, for some precautionary medication,
and then caught a swift taxi ride back the hostel.


We slept restlessly through the early evening,
and later caught up on accounts of the adventures to date,
and dined on a gas station empanada
Tomorrow morning, we would move on to our próximo destino, Ronda.


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