Málaga Day 2 6.2.2007


We set out after our FREE breakfast at the Residencia

The hostel leaves out crayons and paper

for guests to draw and affix to the walls of the dining area.

We produced this Elvis Presley sketch while waiting for our food.

IMG_1029     IMG_1030

Looking over city maps while eating,

we decide our destination of the day will be El Museo Picasso.

On the walk we see the city street under subway construction by daylight.

IMG_0765     IMG_0766


The construction in the daylight is more dangerous,

but at least it is light enough to see!

IMG_0773     IMG_0774


Bullfighting and Equestrian Posters

IMG_0768     IMG_0769     IMG_0770     IMG_0771

Shop shutters sprayed with graffiti.

IMG_0775     IMG_0776

IMG_0778     IMG_0779

After another look at the map, we see the “river” we need to cross.

IMG_0777 Guadalmedina (River of the City), the river is something of a controlled wash,

with a grassy area in the middle.

This waterway flows out to the Mediterranean Sea.

IMG_0780     IMG_0781

The Málaga city symbol on a dumpster.

IMG_0782     IMG_0783     IMG_0784

Crossing the Guadalmedina with views of both directions.

IMG_0785     IMG_0786

CAC Málaga, Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Sculpture at main entrance

with banners for Ron Mueck and Rachel Whiteread.



IMG_0789     IMG_0790     IMG_0791

IMG_0792     IMG_0793     IMG_0794     IMG_0795

IMG_0797     IMG_0796

IMG_0798     IMG_0799


IMG_0801     IMG_0806

Something like an area map.

IMG_0803     IMG_0802     IMG_0804     IMG_0805


IMG_0808     IMG_0809     IMG_0811

A visit to Málaga was part of an awakening journey taken

by the legendary fairy tale author, Hans Christian Andersen.

Here Andersen is honored with a bronze sculpture by José María Córdoba (2005).



IMG_0813     IMG_0814     IMG_0815


IMG_0817     IMG_0818

IMG_0819     IMG_0820

From a busy commercial street, an old structure definitely stands out,

Málaga Cathedral designed by Diego Siloe.

Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica de la Encarnación.

We approach to investigate…


IMG_0821     IMG_0824      IMG_0825


IMG_0827     IMG_0828     IMG_0830


IMG_0832     IMG_0833

IMG_0834     IMG_0831     IMG_0835

IMG_0836     IMG_0837     IMG_0838

An important historical site,

the Cathedral is massive in size and placed in an open square.

There are three sidewalk cafes surrounding the building,

but the prices are geared toward someone other than us.

We keep moving…


There are small, unmarked, dark alleys everywhere.

It’s tough to choose…we select an alley and find some interesting sights.

IMG_0842     IMG_0844


IMG_0840     IMG_0841

IMG_0845     IMG_0846

IMG_0847     IMG_0848     IMG_0849     IMG_0850

IMG_0851     IMG_0852


IMG_0854     IMG_0855

IMG_0856     IMG_0857

IMG_0859     IMG_0858

Where once there was a building…

IMG_0860     IMG_0862     IMG_0861

IMG_0863     IMG_0864

Calle Muro San Julián y Plaza De San Pedro Alcántara.

Stencil and spray street art becomes one of the features.

IMG_0865     IMG_0866



IMG_0869     IMG_0870

Street art becomes juxtaposed with religious iconography.

IMG_0873     IMG_0871     IMG_0874

Nuestra Senora Del Traspaso y Soledad y Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno



IMG_0879     IMG_0882     IMG_0876

IMG_0881     IMG_0880

IMG_0877     IMG_0878

IMG_0884     IMG_0883

“Las estrellas no tienen novio” – Federico Garcia Lorca

(The stars have no lover)

Exiting the closed, quiet alley on the other side,
into a bustling courtyard full of people.
A sort of gathering is taking place at the church.

IMG_0885     IMG_0886

Maria Santísima Del Amor Dolorosa y Nuestro Padre Jesús de la Pasión

Tile mosaics at Iglesia de los Santos Mártires.

IMG_0887     IMG_0888

Plaza De Los Mártires Ciriaco y Paula


Bombones (Confectionery)


Cruz Campo (Spanish Beer) with the Spanish Flag

IMG_0889     IMG_0893

We retreat under white umbrellas and a building-sized Picasso work.

We dodge the people to find an empty outdoor table at Cafe Central.
We order Cruz Campo cervezas and paella with shrimp.
*Paella is a rice dish from Valencia, Spain
that may have originated from the Al-Andalus times of the Moorish (Muslim) rulers
of the Iberian Peninsula (AD 711-1492)*

Linguists believe that the word paella comes from

the name of the pan it is made in – the Latin term patella,

a flat plate on which offerings were made to the Gods.

IMG_0891     IMG_0890     IMG_0892

Novelty bottles shaped like matadors and bulls.
Interested in sampling more local flavors, we visit a bottle shop behind the restaurant,
and purchase a bottle of Artemi ron meil (honey rum) for later…

IMG_0894     IMG_0895

The Plaza de la Constitución and the Fuente de Genova (Fountain of Genoa).

The building-sized Picasso work can be seen with the red border above the trees.

IMG_0896     IMG_0897

IMG_0898     IMG_0899


IMG_0901     IMG_0902

IMG_0903     IMG_0905     IMG_0904

IMG_0906     IMG_0908


IMG_0909     IMG_0910


Espana! Toro!

IMG_0912     IMG_0913     IMG_0914

IMG_0915     IMG_0917


IMG_0918     IMG_0921


Wandering around, it’s apparent the city is not very large –
We happen upon the earlier Málaga Cathedral again, but from another side!
The front of the church was gated, but we were able to check out details on this side.

IMG_0919     IMG_0923     IMG_0922


IMG_0925     IMG_0926

IMG_0927     IMG_0929     IMG_0928

Also, there is an entrance on the side requiring a fee.
We enter the lobby to explore and take photos…

IMG_0930     IMG_0931


No photos! We are quickly told to refrain.

IMG_0933     IMG_0934     IMG_0935


IMG_0938     IMG_0939     IMG_0942     IMG_0937

IMG_0940     IMG_0941




Before ever arriving in Spain, we were warned:
No eating the King’s oranges!

IMG_0946     IMG_0947

Outside again and around the back of the Cathedral,
we find a different sort of place…a well-kept garden!

IMG_0948     IMG_0949

Beauty among weeds…

IMG_0950     IMG_0951

IMG_0952     IMG_0953     IMG_0954

IMG_0955     IMG_0956     IMG_0957

IMG_0958     IMG_0959     IMG_0960

After a cool break in the hedges,

we continue our explorations through the city.


IMG_0962     IMG_0963

IMG_0964     IMG_0965     IMG_0966


Calle Pedro Del Toledo.

IMG_0968     IMG_0969     IMG_0970

Taking turns dramatically posing on a corner step pedestal.

IMG_0971     IMG_0972     IMG_0973

IMG_0974     IMG_0975

Where once there was an audience, on the edge of the old town,

we find Teatro Romano, the Roman amphitheater ruins.


IMG_0977     IMG_0978     IMG_0979

IMG_0980     IMG_0981


Before arriving in Spain,

we were also warned not to utter the above rude phrase.


Sharing a Cruz Campo

IMG_0984     IMG_0985

IMG_0986     IMG_0988


We reach our first destination of the day: El Museo Picasso!


…no photos allowed.

The large collection showcases a broad exhibit ranging

from all periods of Pablo Picasso‘s career.

The museum is a new addition to Málaga

honoring the city’s role as Picasso’s birthplace.

Fundación Picasso (Picasso Foundation) and Museo Casa Natal Picasso (Picasso Birthplace Museum)

also celebrate the artist.

The Museo Casa Natal is located in Plaza de la Merced

marked in the center by El Monumento a Torrijos obelisk.

IMG_0994     IMG_0990     IMG_0991

IMG_0993     IMG_0992


IMG_0995     IMG_0997

IMG_0998     IMG_0999     IMG_1000

IMG_1001     IMG_1002     IMG_1003


IMG_1005     IMG_1006

Through old town to return home,

where once there were other buildings,

ghosts of condemned buildings are visible from the sidewalk.

IMG_1007     IMG_1008


Crossing back over the dry riverbed wash, Guadalmedina, we see people playing futbol.


IMG_1011     IMG_1012     IMG_1013

IMG_1017     IMG_1014     IMG_1015


IMG_1018     IMG_1019


IMG_1021     IMG_1022     IMG_1023

IMG_1024     IMG_1025

Home sweet home for the evening.

IMG_1027     IMG_1026

For dinner, we self-cater…our new stand-by:
Iberian salami, sliced cheese, water, beers, bread, and potato crisps.
Relax while watching a Jacques Cousteau documentary,
and enjoy the dangerously delicious Artemi ron miel,
honey rum we procured while sightseeing.
Artemi! Canary Islands!
Sweetly intoxicating nectar…
Into the evening, stifling air requires an open window.
From across the courtyard,
we overhear a guitarista playing,
and German tourists conversing in the showers and their rooms.
Stretching out in the bunk beds,
mosquitoes bite any uncovered flesh available..
Good night…



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