Leaving Málaga to Ronda to Cartajima 6.4.2007


Last morning in Málaga
spending the early hours writing a letter
and shooting some still life compositions in the room.

IMG_1308     IMG_1309

IMG_1310     IMG_1311     IMG_1312

IMG_1313     IMG_1314

IMG_1317     IMG_1318     IMG_1319

IMG_1320     IMG_1316

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IMG_1323     IMG_1325     IMG_1324

After a restless night’s sleep,
we skip breakfast again or otherwise risk missing our bus to Ronda.
Put the packs together, settle the bill, and hike to the bus station…!
Less than an hour until departure, but the Metro construction
and our poor map complicated the situation.

IMG_1326     IMG_1327

We made it to ticketing with minutes to spare!
We stowed our packs under the bus, and boarded the air conditioned messenger
to the mountains moving forward in adventure!


Traveling to a tiny village where we are booked for the next 3 nights…Cartajima.
The high mountain village cannot be reached directly.
First, a 3 hour bus ride from Málaga to Ronda
where the manager of El Refugio hostel in Cartajima will meet us.

IMG_1328     IMG_1329

IMG_1330     IMG_1331     IMG_1332

IMG_1333     IMG_1334

IMG_1335     IMG_1336


IMG_1340     IMG_1339     IMG_1338


IMG_1343     IMG_1342     IMG_1344

IMG_1345     IMG_1346



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IMG_1360     IMG_1359

IMG_1363     IMG_1362     IMG_1361


IMG_1365     IMG_1366


Shooting from the window, we rumble along the resort-driven Costa del Sol.

Stops along the way fill the empty seats with tourist families.

IMG_1369     IMG_1368

IMG_1370     IMG_1371

IMG_1372     IMG_1373


IMG_1374     IMG_1377     IMG_1376

IMG_1378     IMG_1379

As we climb into the hills to Ronda, the views are spectacular.

 IMG_1380     IMG_1381     IMG_1382

IMG_1383     IMG_1384     IMG_1385

IMG_1386     IMG_1387     IMG_1388

IMG_1390     IMG_1389



Whereabouts: bus station in Ronda.
No maps of the city, not sure what direction we came from.
Payphone with a few false starts, and able to connect with Botz,
the manager of El Refugio in Cartajima.

Finding a cafe with a patio, we sit at our known destination: bus station in Ronda…

waiting for a man named “Botz” with a British accent

to drive us high into the Andalucian mountains.

IMG_1393     IMG_1394

Sharing a beer, watching the cars and people,

Ronda has a different feel that is much more enjoyable than Malaga.

Relaxed, more exotic and quaint

Soon a lanky, sun dried man with long hair greying at the temples

approaches our table and introduces himself as “Botz”.


Into the Sierra de Ronda mountains
we stop on the way at a wayside cantina for a bocadillo (sandwich),
cerveza, and a local sherry for Botz.

An opportunity to sample the flavor of our guide:

punk in London, estranged in India,

chef in Athens, hostels in Amsterdam…great storytelling and jokes!


 Curving around narrow alley and tight turns to one white building out of many.
We unload the gear and groceries from the van
and enter for a tour of the mountain hideaway, El Refugio.


Still quite sick from the day before, a rest is needed into the evening.

Except for another couple, El Refugio is empty.

Botz gives us a choice of shared dorm rooms with hanging loft beds,

or a private double room with dark wood beams exposed out of the white plastered walls.

We take the private room.

IMG_1396     IMG_1397

IMG_1398     IMG_1399

IMG_1400     IMG_1401

IMG_1402     IMG_1403

IMG_1404     IMG_1405

For dinner, our host prepared an excellent Mountain Paella

Much tastier than our experience in Malaga,

this dish did not contain shellfish, but chorizo and chicken. 

 After dinner, we stayed up drinking San Miguel,

and getting to know our good host and new friend, Botz,

in the candlelight of the terrace.



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