Ensenada, Mexico! By Ship! 7.7-9.2006

– Ensenada, Mexico! By Ship! 7.7-9.06 –

Hey alright!
Some friends got married, took a honeymoon cruise to Ensenada, Mexico, and invited us along.
This was our first bonafide cruise, so we didn’t know what to expect,
and once at sea we wanted to get off
as the experience may be compared to
being locked in a shopping mall until the next port, maybe days later.

A jewelry store and an art auction were among the amenities aboard.
Once in port, there wasn’t really much time to explore,
so we didn’t do any partying or trinket purchasing,
just sightseeing and enjoying some spirits as we explored.

IMG_2569     IMG_2568     IMG_2567

The fabulous harbor in Long Beach, California

IMG_2577     IMG_2571     IMG_2582


IMG_2588     IMG_2578

IMG_2580     IMG_2581

IMG_2594     IMG_2596     IMG_2597

Practicing an emergency scenario…we’re all drowned…

IMG_2593     IMG_2590     IMG_2592

At Sea…

IMG_2599     IMG_2600

At Port…

IMG_2601     IMG_2603     IMG_2605

IMG_2602     IMG_2609

IMG_2648     IMG_2649

IMG_2611     IMG_2612

IMG_2613     IMG_2614

IMG_2623     IMG_2621

IMG_2637     IMG_2638      IMG_2643

IMG_2633     IMG_2635

IMG_2632     IMG_2631     IMG_2628

IMG_2624     IMG_2625

IMG_2626     IMG_2627

IMG_2644     IMG_2653

At Sea again…

IMG_2655     IMG_2659     IMG_2660

Separated on the voyage to Ensenada,

the following shots were taken by our traveling companions

before and after we finally met up back on the ship:

2006-8 Tofuden 054

2006-7 Tofuden 089     2006-7 Tofuden 060

2006-7 Tofuden 071     2006-7 Tofuden 072     2006-7 Tofuden 073

2006-8 Tofuden 029     2006-7 Tofuden 123

2006-8 Tofuden 064     2006-8 Tofuden 073

2006-8 Tofuden 067

2006-8 Tofuden 071     2006-8 Tofuden 072

Back on the Ship…goofing for the children at breakfast…

July 2006 107     July 2006 106

July 2006 085

At dinner with Double D

…and then…

Karaoke Solo:

I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor…in falsetto.

July 2006 147     July 2006 148     July 2006 149

Karaoke Duet with Double D:

Stray Cat Strut” by The Stray Cats.

July 2006 194     July 2006 190     July 2006 189

July 2006 195     July 2006 192     July 2006 193

July 2006 201    July 2006 196

Legendary performances…you just had to be there…

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