Desert Inn Arterial Westbound, Las Vegas, Nevada 8.22.2015

– Desert Inn Arterial Westbound –

Las Vegas, Nevada 8.22.2015

Crossing town westbound at 4pm

from Paradise to Valley View

the convenient D.I. Arterial drive passes

the Las Vegas Convention Center, Encore hotel,

cuts under the Strip through a tunnel,

and a bridge over the north-south railroad tracks

before ending at Valley View.

Buckle up and ride!

IMG_4150     IMG_4151     IMG_4152

IMG_4153     IMG_4154     IMG_4155

IMG_4156     IMG_4157     IMG_4158

IMG_4159     IMG_4160     IMG_4161

IMG_4162     IMG_4163     IMG_4164

IMG_4165     IMG_4166     IMG_4167

IMG_4168     IMG_4169     IMG_4170

IMG_4171     IMG_4172     IMG_4173

IMG_4174     IMG_4175     IMG_4176

IMG_4177     IMG_4178     IMG_4179

IMG_4180     IMG_4181     IMG_4182

IMG_4183     IMG_4184     IMG_4185

IMG_4186     IMG_4187     IMG_4188

IMG_4189     IMG_4190     IMG_4191

IMG_4192     IMG_4193     IMG_4194

IMG_4195     IMG_4196     IMG_4197

IMG_4198     IMG_4199     IMG_4200

IMG_4201     IMG_4202     IMG_4203

IMG_4204     IMG_4205     IMG_4206

IMG_4207     IMG_4208     IMG_4209

IMG_4210     IMG_4211     IMG_4212

IMG_4213     IMG_4214     IMG_4215

IMG_4216     IMG_4217     IMG_4218

IMG_4219     IMG_4220     IMG_4221

IMG_4222     IMG_4223     IMG_4224

IMG_4225     IMG_4226     IMG_4227

IMG_4228     IMG_4229     IMG_4230

IMG_4231     IMG_4232     IMG_4233

Valley View!

Hope you enjoyed the ride!

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