Cartajima to Cádiz 6.7.2007


After a lovely morning fig and bread,
Botz has no reservations at El Refugio for the next few days
and closes the hostel to join us and drive us to Cádiz.
  A fond farewell and “See ya soon!” to Cartajima.
We will dearly miss the Refuge.

IMG_2295     IMG_2296

IMG_2292     IMG_2293

IMG_2294     IMG_2301     IMG_2302


IMG_2297     IMG_2298     IMG_2299

IMG_2304     IMG_2303

The Cartajima bus stop.

Sleepy kitty under the bench.

IMG_2306     IMG_2305



Shooting out the back window in Botz’ van.

IMG_2307     IMG_2310     IMG_2312


IMG_2313     IMG_2317

We make a quick stop across the street from

the Plaza de Toros, the Ronda bullring.

The Plaza de Toros was designed by Martín de Aldehuela,


 who also contributed to the completion of the Puente Nuevo in 1793 just blocks away.

The famed Romero and Ordóñez bullfighting families

are historically associated with the Plaza de Toros.

The Plaza is said to be the home of “modern” bullfighting…

where the matador, Francisco Romero, got off his horse, and fought the bull on the ground.

Bronze statues of Cayetano Ordóñez (left) and son Antonio Ordóñez (right) reside at the gate.

Ernest Hemingway was a family friend of the Ordóñez family.

Cayetano Ordóñez and Pedro Romero served as models for the “Pedro Romero” character

in Hemingway’s novel, The Sun Also Rises,

and Antonio Ordóñez was the model for Hemingway’s novel, The Dangerous Summer,

which chronicles the rivalry between Antonio Ordóñez and Luis Miguel Dominguín.

IMG_2315     IMG_2316     IMG_2314

One final stop, we deliver Paco to Ronda for his shopping.


Adios amigo!

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IMG_2337     IMG_2338

IMG_2339     IMG_2340

IMG_2341     IMG_2342     IMG_2343
After a two hour drive West to the Atlantic coast,
the influence of the medieval Islamic North African Moors remains evident
in the famous architecture of the “Old Town” of Cádiz.

IMG_2344     IMG_2345

IMG_2346     IMG_2347     IMG_2348

IMG_2351     IMG_2349     IMG_2350

IMG_2355     IMG_2357     IMG_2356

Cádiz was founded in 1100 BC by the Phoenicians,
ancient peoples from the coast of present day
Lebanon, Syria, and northern Israel.
Some say Cádiz is the oldest city in Europe!

IMG_2352     IMG_2353     IMG_2354

IMG_2355     IMG_2357     IMG_2356

 Leave the packs in the car to wander about and locate a room for the night.

After not much luck, y una cerveza stop, Botz locates a questionable locale.

IMG_2382     IMG_2388

An unmarked, unremarkable entrance to a worn atrium

complete with a taxidermy bull’s head (toro taxidermia),

and a blind, deaf lapdog urinating on the checkered floor.

A decent price, and the whole place to ourselves!

IMG_2358     IMG_2359     IMG_2360

Clash of the Patterns: bedspread with the ceiling, ceiling with the wallpaper-

IMG_2361     IMG_2362     IMG_2363     IMG_2364

The institutional green hue and long white hallways
with the ever-present checkerboard floor were an aesthetic treat.

IMG_2365     IMG_2366     IMG_2367

IMG_2368     IMG_2369

Courtyards and soft smoothed marble stairs lead to empty rooms.


IMG_2371     IMG_2373     IMG_2372     IMG_2374

IMG_2375     IMG_2376     IMG_2377     IMG_2379

IMG_2378     IMG_2380

IMG_2381     IMG_2383     IMG_2387

With some exploration we find a bizarre pencil drawing behind the sink mirror.
IMG_2384     IMG_2385     IMG_2386
Acaso yo estoy loco? (Maybe I’m crazy?) Que me pasa che? (I passed that?)


After a rest, we head back out into the streets and to the Atlantic!

IMG_2389     IMG_2390

IMG_2391     IMG_2392

 Huge cement cubes are piled upon one another for the surf break.
A closer look reveals the home of hundreds of feral cats.
Food and water are provided by kind animal lovers.

IMG_2394     IMG_2393

IMG_2395     IMG_2396     IMG_2397

IMG_2398     IMG_2399

We enjoy a beautiful dinner array of grilled fish: swordfish, mackerel, and tuna.
As we finished, it was getting dark and people began to arrive
for their typically Spanish dinnertime at 10pm.

IMG_2400     IMG_2403

Zona Peatonal (Pedestrian Zone)

and a sweet checkerboard moto.


Carousing the old town, we find some drinks, music and people watching!
Return to the room late, the door is locked.
With persuasion, the owner awakens to let us into our beds.

IMG_2405     IMG_2404

Back in the room, Botz enjoys an evening smoke in bed with a grand view of the ceiling.

IMG_2402     IMG_2401

And so we say, goodnight…


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