Cartajima, Los Pueblos Blancos: 6.6.2007


This morning we wake with an appetite…finally!
Botz fries some drippy eggs and we enjoy with coffee
and a fresh baked crusty bread homemade locally in the village.

IMG_1762     IMG_1759     IMG_1758

IMG_1760     IMG_1761     IMG_1763

Unfortunately, our late start of the day does not allow for a trip to a site of interest:
Cueva de la Pileta (Cave of the Basin):
A cave with prehistoric drawings!
Instead, we opt for nearby Cueva del Gato (Cave of the Cat) at Botz’ suggestion.

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IMG_1782     IMG_1783     IMG_1784


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Cueva del Gato Hotel-Bar-Restaurante

A brief, beautiful twisted drive
though the mountains to the footpath leading to the cave.


IMG_1846     IMG_1847     IMG_1848     IMG_1849

IMG_1850     IMG_1851     IMG_1852     IMG_1854


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IMG_1860     IMG_1861

IMG_1862     IMG_1863     IMG_1864

IMG_1866     IMG_1865

Shade of fig trees cool the moist landscape.

IMG_1867     IMG_1868     IMG_1869

IMG_1870     IMG_1871

 IMG_1872     IMG_1873     IMG_1874


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IMG_1880     IMG_1881

IMG_1883     IMG_1884

IMG_1886     IMG_1887     IMG_1882

A short hike over a small stream and under a train trestle
leads to a pond with a waterfall that dumps crystal blue.

IMG_1885     IMG_1889     IMG_1888

IMG_1892     IMG_1891



IMG_1893     IMG_1906

Closer inspection reveals the water is a river flowing out of la cueva.
A small cement catwalk allows closer views of the waterfall and Cueva del Gato.
There was an overwhelming chill in the air emanating from deep within…

IMG_1895     IMG_1896

Entering the cave is prohibited as it lacks a safe walkway.


IMG_1899     IMG_1898

IMG_1900     IMG_1901

IMG_1902     IMG_1903     IMG_1904     IMG_1906



IMG_1908     IMG_1909     IMG_1910

IMG_1911     IMG_1912

IMG_1913     IMG_1915     IMG_1914


IMG_1916     IMG_1917     IMG_1918

Most of the a large trees around the mouth of the cave and river are fig trees.
We were warned not to indulge in the King’s oranges, but perhaps a fig is fair game…


Not exactly *tasty* or ripe, the fig is someone’s home…a tiny larvae!
A part of an endless food web, the worm is sacrificed to an ant colony.

IMG_1921     IMG_1925     IMG_1924

We start our hike back down, stopping at the edge of the stream.
Botz recommended this water for swimming- maybe a little early in the season.

IMG_1923     IMG_1922

The icy tingle of the cave-cooled water

soon drives me back to my sandals in the grass!

IMG_1928     IMG_1929

IMG_1927     IMG_1926

Bees buzzing around a busted battery in the grass.


IMG_1930     IMG_1931     IMG_1932

IMG_1933     IMG_1935     IMG_1936     IMG_1934

IMG_1939     IMG_1943

…but Botz kept his word to swim under the waterfall and back!

IMG_1938     IMG_1937

Exploration of the arced trees on the other side was out of the question…

IMG_1941     IMG_1942

IMG_1944     IMG_1945

IMG_1946     IMG_1947     IMG_1949


We continue the hike back to the car,
and stop at Hotel Cueva del Gato for a cool drink.

IMG_1950     IMG_1951     IMG_1952

IMG_1953     IMG_1954     IMG_1956


IMG_1958     IMG_1959


IMG_1963     IMG_1962     IMG_1961     IMG_1960

IMG_1964     IMG_1977

IMG_1965     IMG_1967

 Networking skills land us a new friend, Tina, the dog-in-residence.

IMG_1966     IMG_1968     IMG_1969     IMG_1970

IMG_1971     IMG_1972     IMG_1973


IMG_1975     IMG_1976

Striking purple among so much beauty!

IMG_1978     IMG_1979     IMG_1980

A quick peek inside the Gato dining room.

IMG_1982     IMG_1981     IMG_1983

Bye bye, Tina, be good girl!


IMG_1985     IMG_1986

IMG_1987     IMG_1988

IMG_1989     IMG_1990

IMG_1994     IMG_1991

On the road again, exotic homes dot the hills.

IMG_1992     IMG_1993

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IMG_2007     IMG_2009

IMG_2008     IMG_2010     IMG_2011

IMG_2013     IMG_2012

The outskirts of a village larger than Cartajima,

and a bullring of a different size than Málaga.

IMG_2014     IMG_2015



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