Cartajima, Los Pueblos Blancos 6.6.2007


This morning we wake with an appetite…finally!
Botz fries some drippy eggs and we enjoy with coffee
and a fresh baked crusty bread homemade locally in the village.

IMG_1762     IMG_1759     IMG_1758

IMG_1760     IMG_1761     IMG_1763

Unfortunately, our late start of the day does not allow for a trip to a site of interest:
Cueva de la Pileta (Cave of the Basin):
A cave with prehistoric drawings!
Instead, we opt for nearby Cueva del Gato (Cave of the Cat) at Botz’ suggestion.

IMG_1764     IMG_1765     IMG_1756     IMG_1757

IMG_1767     IMG_1766


IMG_1771     IMG_1769     IMG_1770     IMG_2176


IMG_1773     IMG_1774     IMG_1775

IMG_1776     IMG_1777

IMG_1778     IMG_1779

IMG_1780     IMG_1781

IMG_1782     IMG_1783     IMG_1784


IMG_1786     IMG_1787     IMG_1788

IMG_1789     IMG_1790

IMG_1791     IMG_1792

IMG_1793     IMG_1794     IMG_1795

IMG_1796     IMG_1797     IMG_1798

IMG_1799     IMG_1800     IMG_1802

IMG_1801     IMG_1803     IMG_1804


IMG_1806     IMG_1808     IMG_1807

 IMG_1809     IMG_1810

IMG_1811     IMG_1812     IMG_1813

IMG_1814     IMG_1815     IMG_1816

IMG_1817     IMG_1818     IMG_1819

IMG_1820     IMG_1821     IMG_1822

 IMG_1823     IMG_1824     IMG_1825

IMG_1826     IMG_1827     IMG_1828


IMG_1830     IMG_1831     IMG_1832

 IMG_1833     IMG_1834     IMG_1835

IMG_1836     IMG_1837

IMG_1838     IMG_1839


IMG_1841     IMG_1842     IMG_1840


Cueva del Gato Hotel-Bar-Restaurante

A brief, beautiful twisted drive
though the mountains to the footpath leading to the cave.


IMG_1846     IMG_1847     IMG_1848     IMG_1849

IMG_1850     IMG_1851     IMG_1852     IMG_1854


IMG_1855     IMG_1856

IMG_1858     IMG_1859


IMG_1860     IMG_1861

IMG_1862     IMG_1863     IMG_1864

IMG_1866     IMG_1865

Shade of fig trees cool the moist landscape.

IMG_1867     IMG_1868     IMG_1869

IMG_1870     IMG_1871

 IMG_1872     IMG_1873     IMG_1874


IMG_1876     IMG_1878     IMG_1877


IMG_1880     IMG_1881

IMG_1883     IMG_1884

IMG_1886     IMG_1887     IMG_1882

A short hike over a small stream and under a train trestle
leads to a pond with a waterfall that dumps crystal blue.

IMG_1885     IMG_1889     IMG_1888

IMG_1892     IMG_1891



IMG_1893     IMG_1906

Closer inspection reveals the water is a river flowing out of la cueva.
A small cement catwalk allows closer views of the waterfall and Cueva del Gato.
There was an overwhelming chill in the air emanating from deep within…

IMG_1895     IMG_1896

Entering the cave is prohibited as it lacks a safe walkway.


IMG_1899     IMG_1898

IMG_1900     IMG_1901

IMG_1902     IMG_1903     IMG_1904     IMG_1906



IMG_1908     IMG_1909     IMG_1910

IMG_1911     IMG_1912

IMG_1913     IMG_1915     IMG_1914


IMG_1916     IMG_1917     IMG_1918

Most of the a large trees around the mouth of the cave and river are fig trees.
We were warned not to indulge in the King’s oranges, but perhaps a fig is fair game…


Not exactly *tasty* or ripe, the fig is someone’s home…a tiny larvae!
A part of an endless food web, the worm is sacrificed to an ant colony.

IMG_1921     IMG_1925     IMG_1924

We start our hike back down, stopping at the edge of the stream.
Botz recommended this water for swimming- maybe a little early in the season.

IMG_1923     IMG_1922

The icy tingle of the cave-cooled water

soon drives me back to my sandals in the grass!

IMG_1928     IMG_1929

IMG_1927     IMG_1926

Bees buzzing around a busted battery in the grass.


IMG_1930     IMG_1931     IMG_1932

IMG_1933     IMG_1935     IMG_1936     IMG_1934

IMG_1939     IMG_1943

…but Botz kept his word to swim under the waterfall and back!

IMG_1938     IMG_1937

Exploration of the arced trees on the other side was out of the question…

IMG_1941     IMG_1942

IMG_1944     IMG_1945

IMG_1946     IMG_1947     IMG_1949


We continue the hike back to the car,
and stop at Hotel Cueva del Gato for a cool drink.

IMG_1950     IMG_1951     IMG_1952

IMG_1953     IMG_1954     IMG_1956


IMG_1958     IMG_1959


IMG_1963     IMG_1962     IMG_1961     IMG_1960

IMG_1964     IMG_1977

IMG_1965     IMG_1967

 Networking skills land us a new friend, Tina, the dog-in-residence.

IMG_1966     IMG_1968     IMG_1969     IMG_1970

IMG_1971     IMG_1972     IMG_1973


IMG_1975     IMG_1976

Striking purple among so much beauty!

IMG_1978     IMG_1979     IMG_1980

A quick peek inside the Gato dining room.

IMG_1982     IMG_1981     IMG_1983

Bye bye, Tina, be good girl!


IMG_1985     IMG_1986

IMG_1987     IMG_1988

IMG_1989     IMG_1990

IMG_1994     IMG_1991

On the road again, exotic homes dot the hills.

IMG_1992     IMG_1993

IMG_1995     IMG_1996

IMG_1997     IMG_1998


IMG_2000     IMG_2002

IMG_2001     IMG_2004     IMG_2005

IMG_2003     IMG_2006

IMG_2007     IMG_2009

IMG_2008     IMG_2010     IMG_2011

IMG_2013     IMG_2012

The outskirts of a village larger than Cartajima,

and a bullring of a different size than Málaga.

IMG_2014     IMG_2015



IMG_2018     IMG_2019     IMG_2020     IMG_2021

IMG_2022     IMG_2023     IMG_2024

IMG_2026     IMG_2025

IMG_2027     IMG_2028

IMG_2029     IMG_2030     IMG_2031

IMG_2032     IMG_2033     IMG_2034


IMG_2036     IMG_2037

IMG_2038     IMG_2039

IMG_2040     IMG_2041


IMG_2043     IMG_2044

IMG_2045     IMG_2046

IMG_2047     IMG_2049


IMG_2050     IMG_2051     IMG_2052

IMG_2053     IMG_2054     IMG_2055

IMG_2056     IMG_2057

IMG_2056     IMG_2057



IMG_2060     IMG_2061


IMG_2062     IMG_2064

IMG_2065     IMG_2066     IMG_2067

IMG_2068     IMG_2069

IMG_2070     IMG_2072     IMG_2073

IMG_2071     IMG_2074     IMG_2075

IMG_2076     IMG_2077


IMG_2079     IMG_2080

IMG_2081     IMG_2082

IMG_2084     IMG_2083

IMG_2085     IMG_2086     IMG_2087

IMG_2088     IMG_2089

IMG_2091     IMG_2090

IMG_2092     IMG_2093

IMG_2094     IMG_2095     IMG_2096

IMG_2097     IMG_2098

IMG_2101     IMG_2100


IMG_2102     IMG_2129     IMG_2130

 Our guide carries us to the ancient Roman ruins of Acinipo – Yacimiento Arqueologico.
The newer addition of the gate is closed and locked.

Apparently, there is an amphitheater on the other side of the hill.

IMG_2103     IMG_2104

From the fence, the distant ruins rouse curiosity…

IMG_2107     IMG_2105     IMG_2106

IMG_2108     IMG_2110     IMG_2109

IMG_2111     IMG_2112


IMG_2114     IMG_2115

IMG_2116     IMG_2118     IMG_2117

IMG_2121     IMG_2119     IMG_2120

IMG_2122     IMG_2123     IMG_2124

IMG_2125     IMG_2126     IMG_2127

Back in the van and on the road, Botz has another surprise for us.

IMG_2131     IMG_2133     IMG_2132

IMG_2134     IMG_2136


IMG_2137     IMG_2139     IMG_2138

IMG_2140     IMG_2142     IMG_2141

IMG_2143     IMG_2145     IMG_2144

IMG_2146     IMG_2148     IMG_2147

IMG_2149     IMG_2150

IMG_2152     IMG_2151

IMG_2153     IMG_2154


IMG_2157     IMG_2156

IMG_2158     IMG_2159

IMG_2160     IMG_2161

IMG_2168     IMG_2169

IMG_2162     IMG_2163     IMG_2164

Rolling up on our destination, we shoot photos drive-by style hanging out the window

as we roar to our next stop,

Setenil de las Bodegas.

IMG_2166     IMG_2167     IMG_2170


One of Los Pueblos Blancos (The White Villages),

Setenil dates back to the middle ages and was built into a system of caves.

Los Pueblos Blancos are whitewashed mountain villages

established at high altitudes for defensive purposes.

IMG_2172     IMG_2173     IMG_2174

IMG_2175     IMG_2176     IMG_2177


El Callejón – Panadería (The Alley – Bakery)

IMG_2179     IMG_2180


IMG_2182     IMG_2183

With a destination in mind, Botz leads us through this silent, surreal location.
The buildings are built out of the living rock…inside they are caves!

IMG_2184     IMG_2185

IMG_2186     IMG_2187     IMG_2188


As the walkways get tighter,

notice how close the building are to the natural rock formations

IMG_2190     IMG_2191     IMG_2192     IMG_2195

IMG_2194     IMG_2193

IMG_2196     IMG_2197

At an opening in a wall,
the other side of the horseshoe shaped village is visible.

IMG_2198     IMG_2199

IMG_2200     IMG_2201


Otherwise a ghost town in the summer heat,
we see our first inhabitant out in the open.
“Con permiso?” or “With permission?” he allows us to take his picture.


IMG_2204     IMG_2205     IMG_2208

IMG_2206     IMG_2207

IMG_2209     IMG_2210

IMG_2211     IMG_2212

IMG_2213     IMG_2214


IMG_2217     IMG_2216     IMG_2218

The village is built over the river, Rio Trejo,
which appears as a weedy ravine in the dry summer.

IMG_2220     IMG_2219

Arriving during siesta, people are not around,
but signs of life are everywhere.
A motorcycle and a child’s big-wheel are among the signs.

IMG_2223     IMG_2222     IMG_2221

IMG_2224     IMG_2225     IMG_2226

IMG_2227     IMG_2228

Botz leads us to a roadway running under an overhang.

Bars and shops are situated in the rocks.

We go into a bar for a drink and Botz points out

the water moisture bleeding from the living rock walls.

The living stone surrounds everything

causing the temperature to be much cooler than outside in the village.

Fascinated, we take the drinks out to the roadway patio cafe tables.

IMG_2231     IMG_2230     IMG_2229

Under an overhang of vine covered rock,

we enjoy local made chilled sherry and tapas frias (cold snack)

consisting of rich olives and cloves of garlic- the best olives ever!

The garlic cloves are soaked in brine and eaten whole…wonderful!

IMG_2232     IMG_2233

Trekking on.

We see the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación high above the entire village-

it’s built right on top of them!

IMG_2235     IMG_2234

The sun begins to sink low in the sky
and there is still so much more to see…

Botz has another surprise to show us before it gets too dark.

Back into the van and on to the pueblo blanco, Ronda!
Ronda was our previously only known destination.
The bus station in Ronda is no comparison
to the gorge of El Tajo canyon, a seemingly endless pit adorned by terraces.
Deep below the Rio Guadalevín slices the village in two.
  The village is connected by the enormous Puente Nuevo (New Bridge) seen here.
Puente Nuevo was completed in 1793 by Martín de Aldehuela,
who also designed the Plaza de Toros, Ronda bullring.
The two other bridges that span El Tajo canyon are the Puente Viejo (Old Bridge),
and the Puente Romano (Roman Bridge).
As Botz explained, the dwelling restrooms flush into the canyon,
and during the hot summer months it’s sometimes necessary
to firehose the sides of the canyon walls with water to minimize waste odors.

IMG_2241     IMG_2240     IMG_2237     IMG_2236

As Botz warns, people occasionally fall to their death
attempting to photograph the bridge from dangerous vantage points.
IMG_2238     IMG_2239

Calling it a day, we wind back through the now familiar dusty mountain roads to Cartajima.

IMG_2244     IMG_2243


IMG_2248     IMG_2247     IMG_2246

IMG_2245     IMG_2249

On the terrace at El Refugio, a blanket of pink fluffy clouds overtake nearby Parauta village.

IMG_2250     IMG_2251     IMG_2252

IMG_2253     IMG_2255     IMG_2256


IMG_2257     IMG_2258     IMG_2259

IMG_2260     IMG_2261

Soon, we are joined by Fernando and a family from Ireland who own a local farm.

Fernando invites us to visit the new local bar in town.

IMG_2262     IMG_2263     IMG_2264

IMG_2265     IMG_2266

IMG_2267     IMG_2268

Mounted televisions are tuned to MTV

as the familiar sounds of Nirvana‘s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and later

Fatboy Slim‘s “Rockafeller Skank” spill from the speakers.

Good music and conversation, pints and darts!

Now we’re talkin’ Refuge!

IMG_2269     IMG_2270

Only open for one week, we play darts and meet new friends:

among them, Paco and the hospitable owner of the bar!

IMG_2272     IMG_2273


Great fun tonight, tomorrow morning we will continue our trek
through the Spanish region of the Mediterranean
to the ancient coastal city of Cádiz


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