Cartajima 6.5.2007


First morning in Cartajima!

A portrait of El Refugio in the natural daylight.

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A half-sized door under the stairs opens into bejeweled mosaic stairs
leading down to a silky, Moroccan style sitting area…the Disco Room…

IMG_2285     IMG_2280     IMG_2286     IMG_2282

IMG_2284     IMG_2281      IMG_2283

IMG_2287     IMG_2288     IMG_2289

Early afternoon.
Out the window of our room, reflections of the morning light
bleach the white plaster walls and a neighbor’s potted plants.
Yawning and stumbling, through the house to the terrace stairs,
the sunlight dances through the glass bricked ceiling
as I climb the steep ladder staircase to the terrace.
The guys already resumed conversations from last night,
and now enjoy each others company anew.
Built by Botz and the other Refugio owners, the terrace is the prize of the property.
Overlooking the entire valley and neighboring Pueblos Blancos villages,
El Refugio’s terrace becomes among our favorite places in the world.
The panoramic views of the surrounding valley are stunning.
The village is endearing with its whitewashed buildings and quaint old world charm.

IMG_1613     IMG_1614

IMG_1615     IMG_1616     IMG_1617

IMG_1620     IMG_1621

IMG_1622     IMG_1624

IMG_1618     IMG_1623



 IMG_1627     IMG_1628

The weather is beautiful, and soon the bouncing sun scorches everything in sight.

Around lunch time we meet Fernando, a young local guy and friend of El Refugio. 

IMG_1629     IMG_1630

IMG_1631     IMG_1632

IMG_1633     IMG_1634

IMG_1636     IMG_1637


IMG_1635     IMG_1639     IMG_1640

IMG_1641     IMG_1642     IMG_1643

IMG_1652     IMG_1648     IMG_1647

IMG_1651     IMG_1650     IMG_1649


IMG_1656     IMG_1655     IMG_1654

IMG_1660     IMG_1661

IMG_1659     IMG_1657     IMG_1658

With a few cubes of ice, El Refugio’s local wine list appears,

and some very interesting conversations and antics ensue.

IMG_1662     IMG_1663     IMG_1664     IMG_1665

IMG_1667     IMG_1668     IMG_1669

IMG_1670     IMG_1671     IMG_1672

IMG_1675     IMG_1673     IMG_1674

IMG_1676     IMG_1677

Taking turns with the disco wig. It really gets around.

IMG_1678     IMG_1679     IMG_1680

IMG_1681     IMG_1682     IMG_1683     IMG_1684

IMG_1685     IMG_1686

IMG_1687     IMG_1688     IMG_1689

IMG_1690     IMG_1692     IMG_1691


IMG_1694     IMG_1695

IMG_1696     IMG_1697     IMG_1710

IMG_1699     IMG_1700     IMG_1698


Evening bats.

IMG_1702     IMG_1703     IMG_1704     IMG_1705

IMG_1706     IMG_1707     IMG_1708     IMG_1709

IMG_1711     IMG_1712     IMG_1713

IMG_1714     IMG_1715     IMG_1716

IMG_1717     IMG_1721     IMG_1722

IMG_1723     IMG_1724

IMG_1720     IMG_1719     IMG_1718

Round 1! Fight!


Arm-wresting! People still do that? Yes they do.

As the sun sinks, the local birds hunting for dinner are replaced with bats,

and our activities mutate as well. Botz and Fernando stage a lucha – arm wrestling!

IMG_1726     IMG_1727     IMG_1728

Fernando prevailed with his shining right arm…

Round 2! Fight!

IMG_1731     IMG_1732     IMG_1733

IMG_1734     IMG_1735

…but Botz was unstoppable with his left arm in the rematch.

The importance of good sportsmanship is displayed

as the gentlemen shake hands after the match.


Botz’ tan is as dark as the terrace tiles!

IMG_1736     IMG_1737     IMG_1739

No evening with new friends would be complete without

a bit of dancing to a broad mix of…funk?


IMG_1741     IMG_1742     IMG_1743

IMG_1744     IMG_1745     IMG_1746

IMG_1748     IMG_1754

IMG_1749     IMG_1747

IMG_1751     IMG_1752     IMG_1753


Retiring inside, up late watching internet videos of
British comedians Rowan Atkinson and Stephen Fry.
While the videos load, we share favorite ska and punk bands,
and Botz introduces us to the indelible Amy Winehouse.
What a day of great fortune!
Finally, we feel as though we’re someplace different,
and at the same time at home!


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