Santa Ana, California to Las Vegas, Nevada 8.15.2008


Wrap our California adventure

in Santa Ana to return to Las Vegas, Nevada

and the rest of summer in the Mojave Desert.

First, a little goofing with a glasses change.

IMG_7028     IMG_7029

IMG_7030     IMG_7031

IMG_1526     IMG_1521

IMG_1522     IMG_1525


IMG_1527     IMG_1528     IMG_1535

IMG_1531     IMG_1530


IMG_7033     IMG_7034


IMG_7036     IMG_7037


IMG_7039     IMG_7040


IMG_7042     IMG_7043     IMG_7044



Now entering the McCarran Airport Tunnel.

IMG_7047     IMG_7048     IMG_7049

IMG_7050     IMG_7051

IMG_7052     IMG_7053

IMG_7054     IMG_7055

IMG_7056     IMG_7057


A few more minutes and we’re at home

only to find our swimming pool a greener shade of blue.

IMG_7059     IMG_7060

IMG_7061     IMG_7062

IMG_7063     IMG_7064

IMG_7065     IMG_7066

IMG_7067     IMG_7068

With a little work we get the pool back to blue

and enjoy some fun time in the sun…

…and so ends this experience of the North American West.


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