San Simeon to Oxnard, California 8.3.2012


After the Mission Inn continental breakfast,

we left Santa Cruz, taking the 17 Mile Drive on the Monterey Peninsula

through Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, and Carmel-by-the-Sea,

on through Big Sur, San Simeon, and San Luis Obispo,

and make it as far as Oxnard, California

before night sets in and we are almost without a room…


Now entering San Simeon, California.


IMG_3180     IMG_3181

IMG_3182     IMG_3183

IMG_3184     IMG_3185

Now passing Hearst Castle.

View our 2008 tour of the Castle.

IMG_3188     IMG_3186     IMG_3187


IMG_3190     IMG_3191

IMG_3192     IMG_3193

IMG_3194     IMG_3195     IMG_3196

IMG_3197     IMG_3198     IMG_3199

IMG_3200     IMG_3201

IMG_3202     IMG_3203

IMG_3204     IMG_3205     IMG_3206

IMG_3207     IMG_3208     IMG_3209

IMG_3211     IMG_3212

IMG_3213     IMG_3214

IMG_3215     IMG_3216

IMG_3217     IMG_3218     IMG_3219

IMG_3220     IMG_3221

IMG_3222     IMG_3223

IMG_3224     IMG_3225     IMG_3226

IMG_3227     IMG_3228     IMG_3229


IMG_3231     IMG_3232     IMG_3233

IMG_3234     IMG_3235


IMG_3236     IMG_3238


IMG_3240     IMG_3241

IMG_3242     IMG_3243

IMG_3244     IMG_3245

IMG_3246     IMG_3247     IMG_3248

IMG_3249     IMG_3250     IMG_3251

IMG_3252     IMG_3253

IMG_3254     IMG_3255

IMG_3256     IMG_3257     IMG_3258

IMG_3259     IMG_3261


IMG_3262     IMG_3263

IMG_3264     IMG_3265

IMG_3266     IMG_3269

IMG_3267     IMG_3268

IMG_3270     IMG_3271

Now passing the Madonna Inn.

View our 2008 tour of the Madonna Inn.

IMG_3272     IMG_3273

IMG_3274     IMG_3275     IMG_3276

IMG_3277     IMG_3278

IMG_3279     IMG_3280

IMG_3281     IMG_3282


Now entering Pismo Beach, California.

IMG_3284     IMG_3285     IMG_3286

IMG_3287     IMG_3288

IMG_3289     IMG_3290

IMG_3291     IMG_3292     IMG_3293

IMG_3294     IMG_3295

IMG_3296     IMG_3297

IMG_3298     IMG_3299     IMG_3300

IMG_3301     IMG_3302


IMG_3305     IMG_3304     


IMG_3308     IMG_3309

IMG_3313     IMG_3312

IMG_3311     IMG_3310

IMG_3314     IMG_3315

IMG_3316     IMG_3317

IMG_3318     IMG_3319

IMG_3321     IMG_3322

IMG_3323     IMG_3324

IMG_3325     IMG_3326

IMG_3327     IMG_3328     IMG_3329

IMG_3330     IMG_3331     IMG_3332

IMG_3332     IMG_3333     IMG_3334

IMG_3335     IMG_3336

IMG_3337     IMG_3338

IMG_3339     IMG_3340

The sun goes down and the photographic lightplay begins.

IMG_3341     IMG_3342     IMG_3343

IMG_3344     IMG_3345     IMG_3346

IMG_3347     IMG_3348     IMG_3349


IMG_3352     IMG_3353     IMG_3354

IMG_3355     IMG_3356     IMG_3357

IMG_3358     IMG_3359     IMG_3360

IMG_3362     IMG_3363

IMG_3364     IMG_3365     IMG_3367

IMG_3368     IMG_3369

IMG_3370     IMG_3371

IMG_3372     IMG_3373

IMG_3374     IMG_3375


IMG_3377     IMG_3378     IMG_3379

IMG_3380     IMG_3381


IMG_3383     IMG_3384     IMG_3385


After getting shut down for rooms during a busy summer of travelers,

one hotel is kind enough to make reservations for us at another hotel in Oxnard,

Country Inn & Suites Port Hueneme.

IMG_3387     IMG_3388     IMG_3389

IMG_3390     IMG_3391

IMG_3392     IMG_3393     IMG_3394

IMG_3395     IMG_3396     IMG_3397

IMG_3399     IMG_3400     IMG_3401

IMG_3404     IMG_3403     IMG_3405

IMG_3402     IMG_3406     IMG_3407

IMG_3408     IMG_3409

IMG_3410     IMG_3411

IMG_3412     IMG_3413

IMG_3414      IMG_3415     IMG_3416

IMG_3417      IMG_3418     IMG_3419     IMG_3420


IMG_3422     IMG_3423     IMG_3424

We check back in with the 2012 Summer Olympics progress

while self-catering at the late hour

with no nearby restaurants open.

We travel on to Laguna Beach in the morning.


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