– Peppermill –

Various pictures taken while dining at the Peppermill Restaurant, Las Vegas.

Living in old school Las Vegas, we like to take visitors to the Peppermill

for a huge-mungous breakfast, or for evening cocktails around the Fireside Lounge.

The beautiful neon colors and faux indoor forest decor of the Peppermill

keep it kitschy and quaint by classic Vegas standards,

much like the Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, California

does with its gorgeous Silver Bar Cocktail Lounge, Gold Rush Steak House, and variety of themed rooms.


– 8.16.2012 –



(Above Photo Credit: NJ)


– 3.24.2013 –

IMAG0265     IMAG0267

IMAG0272     IMAG0273

IMAG0268     IMAG0274


IMAG0275     IMAG0277

IMAG0278     IMAG0280     IMAG0281

IMAG0282     IMAG0283

IMAG0284     IMAG0285     IMAG0286

IMAG0287     IMAG0288

IMAG0289     IMAG0291     IMAG0293     IMAG0294

IMAG0290     IMAG0292


IMAG0297     IMAG0298

IMAG0299     IMAG0300


IMAG0303     IMAG0304     IMAG0305


IMAG0307     IMAG0309


IMAG0312     IMAG0311


– 12.14.2013 –

IMAG0632     IMAG0631

IMAG0618     IMAG0619     IMAG0620     IMAG0621

IMAG0622     IMAG0623     IMAG0624     IMAG0625

IMAG0626     IMAG0627     IMAG0630     IMAG0633

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