Düsseldorf to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Last Day in Europe 7.5.2007


One last continental breakfast at the hotel City Apart
before we hoofed it to the train station for a ride
back to the Düsseldorf Airport
and our return flight to the States.
Three days in rainy Düsseldorf,
and then we wrapped up the adventurous trip
back in hot and dry Las Vegas in July
after some five weeks and thirty hours en route.

IMG_5590     IMG_5591    IMG_5592

IMG_5593     IMG_5594     IMG_5595

IMG_5596     IMG_5597     IMG_5598

IMG_5599     IMG_5600     IMG_5601

IMG_5602     IMG_5603

IMG_5604     IMG_5605     IMG_5606

IMG_5607     IMG_5608     IMG_5609

IMG_5610     IMG_5611     IMG_5612

IMG_5613     IMG_5614     IMG_5615

IMG_5616     IMG_5617     IMG_5618

IMG_5619     IMG_5620     IMG_5621

IMG_5622     IMG_5623     IMG_5624

The flight passing over what appears to be Greenland and a number of clear blue snowmelt pools.

IMG_5625     IMG_5626     IMG_5627

IMG_5628     IMG_5629     IMG_5630

IMG_5631     IMG_5632     IMG_5633

IMG_5634     IMG_5635     IMG_5636

IMG_5637     IMG_5638     IMG_5639

IMG_5640     IMG_5641     IMG_5642

IMG_5643     IMG_5644     IMG_5645

IMG_5646     IMG_5647     IMG_5648

IMG_5649     IMG_5650     IMG_5651

IMG_5652     IMG_5653     IMG_5654

IMG_5655     IMG_5656     IMG_5657

IMG_5658     IMG_5659     IMG_5660

IMG_5661     IMG_5662     IMG_5663

IMG_5664     IMG_5665     IMG_5666

IMG_5667     IMG_5668     IMG_5669

IMG_5670     IMG_5671     IMG_5672

IMG_5673     IMG_5674     IMG_5675

IMG_5676     IMG_5677     IMG_5678

IMG_5679     IMG_5680     IMG_5681

IMG_5682     IMG_5683     IMG_5684

IMG_5685     IMG_5686     IMG_5687

IMG_5688     IMG_5689     IMG_5690

IMG_5691     IMG_5692     IMG_5693

IMG_5694     IMG_5695     IMG_5696

IMG_5697     IMG_5698     IMG_5699

IMG_5700     IMG_5701     IMG_5702

IMG_5703     IMG_5704     IMG_5705

IMG_5706     IMG_5707

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IMG_5717     IMG_5718     IMG_5719

IMG_5720     IMG_5721     IMG_5722

IMG_5723     IMG_5724     IMG_5725

IMG_5726     IMG_5727     IMG_5728

IMG_5729     IMG_5730     IMG_5731

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IMG_5738     IMG_5739     IMG_5740

IMG_5741     IMG_5742     IMG_5743

IMG_5744     IMG_5745     IMG_5746

IMG_5747     IMG_5748     IMG_5749

IMG_5750     IMG_5751     IMG_5752

IMG_5753     IMG_5754     IMG_5755

IMG_5756     IMG_5757     IMG_5758

IMG_5759     IMG_5760     IMG_5761

IMG_5762     IMG_5763     IMG_5764

IMG_5765     IMG_5766     IMG_5767

IMG_5768     IMG_5769     IMG_5770

IMG_5771     IMG_5772     IMG_5773

IMG_5774     IMG_5775     IMG_5776

IMG_5777     IMG_5778     IMG_5779

IMG_5780     IMG_5781     IMG_5782

IMG_5783     IMG_5784     IMG_5785

IMG_5786     IMG_5787     IMG_5788

IMG_5789     IMG_5790     IMG_5791

IMG_5792     IMG_5793     IMG_5794

IMG_5795     IMG_5796     IMG_5797

IMG_5798     IMG_5799     IMG_5800

IMG_5801     IMG_5802     IMG_5803

IMG_5804     IMG_5805    IMG_5806

IMG_5807     IMG_5808     IMG_5809

IMG_5810     IMG_5811     IMG_5813

Nearing descent, the pilot needed to make a second pass before the plane could be cleared for landing.
The first pass ran west to east, but the second pass rerouted the plane north to south and right along
the Las Vegas Strip in the midday summer, so there were plenty of opportunities to photograph the
Strip hotels before landing at McCarran Airport.

IMG_5812     IMG_5814     IMG_5815

Looking west at the Las Vegas Hilton and the adjacent Country Club golf course.

IMG_5816     IMG_5817

IMG_5818     IMG_5819

Looking west at the Wynn Hotel with the Desert Inn golf course in the foreground.

IMG_5820     IMG_5822     IMG_5821


Looking west at the Strip with the green MGM Grand Las Vegas in the foreground.

IMG_5825     IMG_5824     IMG_5826

Looking northwest with Mandalay Bay and Luxor hotels in the foreground.


IMG_5828     IMG_5830     IMG_5829

 IMG_5831     IMG_5833     IMG_5832


IMG_5835     IMG_5836

IMG_5837     IMG_5838

IMG_5839     IMG_5840

IMG_5841     IMG_5842     IMG_5843

IMG_5844     IMG_5845


IMG_5847     IMG_5848

IMG_5849     IMG_5850

IMG_5851     IMG_5852

IMG_5853     IMG_5854     IMG_5855

IMG_5856     IMG_5857

IMG_5858     IMG_5859     IMG_5860

IMG_5861     IMG_5862     IMG_5863

IMG_5864     IMG_5865

IMG_5866     IMG_5867     IMG_5868

 Touchdown Vegas and greeted by the row of palm trees along Sunset Road.

IMG_5869     IMG_5870     IMG_5871

IMG_5872     IMG_5873     IMG_5874

IMG_5875     IMG_5876     IMG_5877

IMG_5878     IMG_5879     IMG_5880

IMG_5881     IMG_5882     IMG_5885

IMG_5886     IMG_5888


On the ground, the McCarran Airport terminal comes into sight.

IMG_5884     IMG_5883

Crossing the finish line! And a view of the tarmac road to anywhere…

Home, home, home! First meal back? Frank and Fina’s Cocina.
Yes, Mexican food.
Five weeks tripping Europe and all we craved were
authentic southwestern burritos, big as babies.
Like the people, places, and experiences we have
on our action-adventure travels, they were ever so tasty.
Thank you for joining us!


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