Alexandria, Virginia and Washington D.C. 1.20.2008

– Alexandria, Virginia and Washington D.C. 2008 –

Kind of a crash course of the area, this series was shot the morning after a belated holiday party.

We start with breakfast at Pat Troy’s Restaurant and Pub in Alexandria, Virginia,

and then drive into Washington D.C.

with a quick stop at the Capitol Building,

passing the Washington Monument, the White House, and the Lincoln Memorial,

stopping at the Iwo Jima Memorial, and passing Arlington National Cemetery

before continuing on…

IMG_0428     IMG_0429

IMG_0430     IMG_0431


Now arriving at Pat Troy’s Restaurant and Pub.

The location has since closed, but a 360 degree view of the interior is available online.

IMG_0432     IMG_0433

Here the harpist kindly gave a quick lesson on strumming techniques.

IMG_0434     IMG_0435

Breakfast complete, we get back in the car and drive into Washington D.C.

IMG_0437     IMG_0438


IMG_0440     IMG_0441     IMG_0442

Geese grazing as the distinct buildings of Washington D.C.

become visible across the Potomac River.

IMG_0443     IMG_0444


IMG_0446     IMG_0448

A quick stop at the Capitol Building.

The January windchill kept us in the car much of the time.

IMG_0447     IMG_0449

IMG_0450     IMG_0451     IMG_0452

IMG_0453     IMG_0454

IMG_0457     IMG_0455     IMG_0456


IMG_0459     IMG_0460     IMG_0461

The Washington Monument obelisk is ever visible.

IMG_0462     IMG_0463


IMG_0465     IMG_0466

IMG_0467     IMG_0468

IMG_0469     IMG_0470

The White House in the distance topped with a man in black.



IMG_0473     IMG_0474

IMG_0475     IMG_0476


IMG_0478     IMG_0479     IMG_0480

IMG_0481     IMG_0482




IMG_0486     IMG_0487

IMG_0488     IMG_0489

The backside of the Lincoln Memorial as we turn to cross the Potomac River

via the Arlington Memorial Bridge.


IMG_0491     IMG_0492     IMG_0493

IMG_0494     IMG_0495     IMG_0496     IMG_0497

The numerous white tombstones of Arlington National Cemetery come into view.

IMG_0498     IMG_0499

IMG_0500     IMG_0501

Now rounding the massive Iwo Jima Memorial.

IMG_0502     IMG_0503     IMG_0504     IMG_0505

IMG_0506     IMG_0507     IMG_0508

IMG_0509     IMG_0510

IMG_0511     IMG_0512


There it is, morning in Washington on tight timetable.

We’ll be back…

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