Pisa to Florence 6.17.2007


Up early for checkout and complimentary breakfast.
With a warm family environment, Antonella’s mother and son introduce us to the table settings.
Our breakfast consists of less traditional items such as prepackaged breads and coffee.

IMG_2905    IMG_2906

After our meal, it is time to gather our packs, say our goodbyes and thanks.

Hike to the train station, purchase tickets hours in advance to Florence (Firenze in Italian),

and stow our packs to view the famous sights of Pisa until departure.

IMG_2911     IMG_2907     IMG_2909

IMG_2910     IMG_2912


Along the way, crossing the river Arno, we see a tiny church, Santa Maria della Spina,
named for supposedly housing a spine from the actual crown of thorns worn by Jesus Christ.

IMG_2914     IMG_2916

IMG_2917     IMG_2915

IMG_2919     IMG_2918     IMG_2920

Evidence of the previous night’s festivities celebrating the city’s patron saint

includes a girl flying a city flag from her bicycle.

Our map guides us to the Piazza dei Miracoli (below)

that contains the infamous Leaning Tower of Pisa (Torre pendente di Pisa).


(Image Source: Internet)

Construction of this world-famous inclined bell tower began in 1173

over 200 years, and the leaning followed shortly after.

IMG_2934     IMG_2925     IMG_2924

IMG_2922     IMG_2923     IMG_2926     IMG_2921

 IMG_2935     IMG_2927     IMG_2928     IMG_2933

Tourists posing for photos push imaginary objects in the air and vendors haggle prices for “designer” imitation merchandise everywhere.

A moment to capture the memory of our visit in photos and take some souvenirs…flicking, kicking, licking, and leaning with the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

IMG_2929     IMG_2930     IMG_2931     IMG_2932


Break for a cool beer and internet cafe
to reserve a room ahead before departure to Florence.
On the way back to the train station,
we pass the University of Pisa and some street art stencils.




IMG_2940     IMG_2942

IMG_2939     IMG_2943


A quiet train ride to study the map, we target some important sights…
Map of Pisa to Florence
Map: Pisa to Florence, Italy


Off the train, into the unrelenting heat to sweat while finding our reservations.
The city’s importance, elegance, and history are apparent all around.
After a few wrong turns, Hotel Tina comes into view.
After a misunderstanding at the front desk, we are shown our room.

IMG_2944     IMG_2945

The view from our window.

Getting settled in our strange accommodations that include

a double bed, cot, sink, ceiling fan, shower, a bidet type basin…

and the luxury of air conditioning.

IMG_2950     IMG_2948     IMG_2949

IMG_2946     IMG_2947

Back out into the heat for the crown jewel of the city:


IMG_2952     IMG_2951

IMG_2954     IMG_2955


IMG_2956     IMG_2959     IMG_2960




IMG_2963     IMG_2961     IMG_2962     IMG_2964

IMG_2969     IMG_2970     IMG_2967     IMG_2971


Book studies cannot prepare one for such an architectural reality.

Breathtaking, the overwhelming green, pink, and white façade of the Cathedral

was completed in 1886.

IMG_2972     IMG_2973     IMG_2989

IMG_2992     IMG_2990



(Image Source: Internet)

An aerial view of Santa Maria del Fiore, belltower at the top left, and the dome at the center.

Brunelleschi’s Dome (Cupola) impresses faintness upon its viewers

as the largest masonry dome in the world!

Built in 1334, Giotto’s Belltower at he Cathedral climbs over 277 feet above the street.


Baptitsery (Image Source: Internet)

A wide shot of the work of Ghiberti and Brunelleschi.

Across from the main entrance to the Duomo is the Baptistery.

The three sets of doors are famous works by

Pisano, Ghiberti, and Brunelleschi.

IMG_2982     IMG_2991     IMG_2983


Towering around 15 feet high, each door is inlaid with many bronze panels,

and each panel depicts happenings from the time of Christ.

Each single panel details images of

Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise in intricate bronze sculptural relief.

IMG_2988     IMG_2984     IMG_2987

IMG_2985     IMG_2986

IMG_2974     IMG_2976

IMG_2975     IMG_2977     IMG_2978

IMG_2979     IMG_2980

The Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Duomo of Florence in the same day!

End of a long day of sightseeing and walking back to the hotel.

Searching for a recommended restaurant for dinner leads into back alleys with character.

IMG_2995     IMG_2994

We fall into a corner eatery touting air conditioning.

The air is still a bit warm.

Salad, pasta, pizza, real Roma tomatoes, the food was fine.

Moretti beers are had as the waitress warned, “The water in Italy is not good to drink…”

After a bodega stop, we return to the room to retire

with more cheap and tasty Moretti beer all around,

we kick out some jams, and review the photos of the day’s adventures…


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