Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas, Nevada 6.26.2015

– Fremont Street Experience –

This series was shot on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas.

We park on the rooftop at a garage,

take a walk around to bathe in neon,

and get invited to a room on the 21st floor of the Golden Nugget

before it gets too late and we call it a night.


– 6.25.2015 –

IMAG1360     IMAG1361     IMAG1362

IMAG1363     IMAG1364     IMAG1366

IMAG1367     IMAG1368     IMAG1369

IMAG1370     IMAG1371     IMAG1372

IMAG1373     IMAG1374     IMAG1375

IMAG1376     IMAG1377     IMAG1378

IMAG1379     IMAG1380     IMAG1381

 IMAG1383     IMAG1384

IMAG1382     IMAG1385     IMAG1386

IMAG1387     IMAG1390     IMAG1391

IMAG1388     IMAG1389

IMAG1392     IMAG1393     IMAG1394

IMAG1395     IMAG1396     IMAG1397

IMAG1398     IMAG1399     IMAG1400

IMAG1401     IMAG1402

IMAG1403     IMAG1404

IMAG1405     IMAG1406     IMAG1407

IMAG1408     IMAG1409


IMAG1411     IMAG1412     IMAG1413

IMAG1414     IMAG1415

IMAG1416     IMAG1417     IMAG1418     IMAG1419

IMAG1420     IMAG1421



IMAG1423     IMAG1425     IMAG1426

IMAG1427     IMAG1428     IMAG1429

IMAG1430     IMAG1431     IMAG1432

IMAG1433     IMAG1434     IMAG1435

IMAG1436     IMAG1437     IMAG1438


IMAG1440     IMAG1441


IMAG1445     IMAG1446     IMAG1447

IMAG1448     IMAG1449

IMAG1450     IMAG1451


IMAG1453     IMAG1454     IMAG1459

IMAG1460     IMAG1461

IMAG1462     IMAG1463     IMAG1464

IMAG1465     IMAG1469


IMAG1471     IMAG1473

IMAG1474     IMAG1477

IMAG1479     IMAG1480

Well after midnight, the Experience still thrives with activity.

As for us, so the evening ends…

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