Fargo, North Dakota Driving Through Minnesota 7.12.2008


This series was shot driving en route through North Dakota and Minnesota.

IMG_3432     IMG_3433     IMG_3434

IMG_3435     IMG_3436     IMG_3437

IMG_3438     IMG_3439     IMG_3440

IMG_3441     IMG_3442     IMG_3443

IMG_3444     IMG_3445     IMG_3446

IMG_3447     IMG_3448     IMG_3449

IMG_3450     IMG_3451     IMG_3452

IMG_3453     IMG_3454

IMG_3455     IMG_3456

IMG_3457     IMG_3458     IMG_3459

Wind turbine power with bison grazing beneath,

two things the region is known for.

IMG_3460     IMG_3461     IMG_3462



IMG_3465     IMG_3466     IMG_3467

IMG_3468     IMG_3469     IMG_3470

IMG_3471     IMG_3472     IMG_3473

IMG_3474     IMG_3475     IMG_3476

IMG_3477     IMG_3478     IMG_3479


IMG_3481     IMG_3482     IMG_3483

A modest collection of images as darkness sets in

and our trip of the area ends…


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