Fargo to Casselton, North Dakota 7.10.2008


Business aside, today we make the short drive

to Casselton, North Dakota

to tour the Maple River Winery

and we enjoy some peanuts, pints, and pizza at the original

Red Baron Lounge and Pizza Pub.

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20080710_0521     20080710_0522     20080710_0523

20080710_0524     20080710_0525     20080710_0526

Here our guide gives us the tour of the tanks.

20080710_0527     20080710_0528     20080710_0529

The winery displays a map with pins representing visitors from around the world.

We were not the first visitors from Las Vegas!

20080710_0530     20080710_0531     20080710_0532

Here we are fortunate to meet Greg Kempel, the owner of Maple River Wines!

And he’s kind enough to take a photo with us!

Great people! Great wine!

View the Wine List and Order Online!

Aronia, Gooseberry, Apple Jalapeno Pepper, Dakota Cherry,

Dandelion, Apricot, Country Crabapple, Hone Apple,

Chokecherry, Dakota Pear, Lilac, Apple Strawberry, Rhubarb,

Honeycomb Plum, and Raspberry

IMG_3323     IMG_3324     IMG_3325

IMG_3326     IMG_3327     IMG_3328

IMG_3329     20080710_0533

After the Maple River Winery we have a seat at the Red Baron for some tasty pizza.

IMG_3334     IMG_3333

IMG_3330     IMG_3331     IMG_3332

IMG_3335     IMG_3336

IMG_3337     IMG_3338

20080710_0535     20080710_0534

IMG_3339     IMG_3340     IMG_3341

IMG_3342     IMG_3343

IMG_3345     IMG_3346     IMG_3347

IMG_3344     IMG_3350

IMG_3348     IMG_3349

IMG_3351     IMG_3352

IMG_3354     IMG_3353

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IMG_3357     IMG_3358     IMG_3359

IMG_3362     IMG_3360     IMG_3361

IMG_3363     IMG_3364

IMG_3365     IMG_3366

A rainbow without rain and a summer sunset like a forest fire in the sky


IMG_3367     IMG_3368

IMG_3369     IMG_3371


And so begins our evening…


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