Drive Thru: In-n-Out

– Drive Thru –

Everybody’s gotta eat!

We don’t eat fast food very often so when we do it’s a treat.

This is a series of images taken while waiting

in line at various drive thrus at various days and times.

Where some may report their satisfaction with the food or service at a drive thru restaurant,

here presented is the reinvented view of the wait

expressed through light, blurring, motion, and amusing ourselves

until completing the mealtime transaction.

Thank you, drive thru!


 – In-n-Out –


IMG_8274     IMG_8275     IMG_8276

IMG_8277     IMG_8278     IMG_8279


IMAG0972     IMAG0973


(Getting shut down for sides at Popeye’s

and driving to In-n-Out instead)

IMAG0952     IMAG0953     IMAG0954


IMAG0956     IMAG0957     IMAG0958

IMAG0959     IMAG0960     IMAG0961


IMAG0963     IMAG0964     IMAG0965

IMAG0966     IMAG0967

IMAG0968     IMAG0969     IMAG0970



IMAG0973     IMAG0974     IMAG0975

IMAG0976     IMAG0977

IMAG0978     IMAG0980

IMAG0979     IMAG0982     IMAG0981

IMAG0983     IMAG0987

IMAG0984     IMAG0985     IMAG0986

IMAG0988     IMAG0989

IMAG0990     IMAG0991

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