Drive Thru: Del Taco 8.13.2015

– Drive Thru –

Everybody’s gotta eat!

We don’t eat fast food very often so when we do it’s a treat.

This is a series of images taken with while waiting

in line at various drive thrus at various days and times.

Where some may report their satisfaction with the food or service at a drive thru restaurant,

here presented is the reinvented view of the wait

expressed through light, blurring, motion, and amusing ourselves

until completing the mealtime transaction.

Thank you, drive thru!


– Del Taco –


IMG_4026     IMG_4027     IMG_4028

IMG_4029     IMG_4030     IMG_4031

IMG_4032     IMG_4033     IMG_4034

IMG_4035     IMG_4036     IMG_4037

IMG_4038     IMG_4039     IMG_4040

IMG_4041     IMG_4042     IMG_4043

IMG_4044     IMG_4045     IMG_4046

IMG_4047     IMG_4049     IMG_4050

IMG_4051     IMG_4052     IMG_4053

IMG_4054     IMG_4055     IMG_4056

IMG_4057     IMG_4059     IMG_4060

IMG_4061     IMG_4062

IMG_4063     IMG_4064     IMG_4065

IMG_4066     IMG_4067

IMG_4068     IMG_4069


IMG_4071     IMG_4072

IMG_4073     IMG_4074

IMG_4076     IMG_4077     IMG_4078

IMG_4079     IMG_4080

IMG_4081     IMG_4082

IMG_4083     IMG_4084     IMG_4088

 IMG_4085     IMG_4090

IMG_4086     IMG_4089

IMG_4092     IMG_4093     IMG_4094

IMG_4095     IMG_4096

IMG_4097     IMG_4098     IMG_4099

IMG_4100     IMG_4101     IMG_4102

IMG_4103     IMG_4104     IMG_4105

IMG_4106     IMG_4107     IMG_4108

IMG_4109     IMG_4110     IMG_4111

IMG_4112     IMG_4113     IMG_4114

IMG_4115     IMG_4116

IMG_4117     IMG_4118

IMG_4120     IMG_4121

IMG_4122     IMG_4123     IMG_4124

IMG_4125     IMG_4126     IMG_4127

IMG_4128     IMG_4129     IMG_4130

IMG_4131     IMG_4132

IMG_4133     IMG_4134     IMG_4135


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