Drive Thru: Del Taco 7.29.2015

– Drive Thru –

Everybody’s gotta eat!

We don’t eat fast food very often so when we do it’s a treat.

This is a series of images taken with while waiting

in line at various drive thrus at various days and times.

Where some may report their satisfaction with the food or service at a drive thru restaurant,

here presented is the reinvented view of the wait

expressed through light, blurring, motion, and amusing ourselves

until completing the mealtime transaction.

Thank you, drive thru!


– Del Taco –



IMG_3717     IMG_3718     IMG_3719


IMG_3721     IMG_3722     IMG_3723

IMG_3724     IMG_3725     IMG_3726

IMG_3727     IMG_3728     IMG_3729

IMG_3730     IMG_3731

IMG_3732     IMG_3733     IMG_3734

IMG_3735     IMG_3736     IMG_3737

IMG_3738     IMG_3739     IMG_3740

IMG_3741     IMG_3742     IMG_3744

IMG_3743     IMG_3745

IMG_3746     IMG_3747     IMG_3748

IMG_3749     IMG_3750     IMG_3751

IMG_3752     IMG_3753     IMG_3754

IMG_3755     IMG_3756     IMG_3757

IMG_3758     IMG_3759

IMG_3760     IMG_3761

IMG_3762     IMG_3763     IMG_3764

IMG_3765     IMG_3766     IMG_3767

IMG_3768     IMG_3769     IMG_3772

IMG_3770     IMG_3771     IMG_3773     IMG_3778

IMG_3774     IMG_3775

IMG_3776     IMG_3777


IMG_3780     IMG_3781     IMG_3782

IMG_3783     IMG_3784     IMG_3785


IMG_3787     IMG_3788

IMG_3789     IMG_3790

IMG_3791     IMG_3792     IMG_3793

IMG_3794     IMG_3795     IMG_3796

IMG_3797     IMG_3799

IMG_3798     IMG_3800

IMG_3801     IMG_3802

IMG_3803     IMG_3804

IMG_3805     IMG_3806     IMG_3807

IMG_3808     IMG_3809     IMG_3810

IMG_3811     IMG_3812

IMG_3813     IMG_3814

IMG_3815     IMG_3816     IMG_3817

IMG_3818     IMG_3819


IMG_3821     IMG_3822

IMG_3823     IMG_3824

IMG_3825     IMG_3826     IMG_3827


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