Drive Thru: 7-11

– Drive Thru –

Everybody’s gotta eat!

We don’t eat fast food very often so when we do it’s a treat.

This is a series of images taken while waiting

in line at various drive thrus at various days and times.

Where some may report their satisfaction with the food or service at a drive thru restaurant,

here presented is the reinvented view of the wait

expressed through light, blurring, motion, and amusing ourselves

until completing the mealtime transaction.

Thank you, drive thru!

– 7-11 –

(Not a drive thru but still convenient.)


– Big Bite Chili Dogs –

IMAG0195     IMAG0196     IMAG0197


IMAG0590     IMAG0591


– Big Bite Chili Dogs –



IMAG1006     IMAG1007     IMAG1008

IMAG1009     IMAG1013     IMAG1014     IMAG1015


IMAG1010     IMAG1011

IMAG1012     IMAG1016     IMAG1017

IMAG1018     IMAG1020

IMAG1019     IMAG1021     IMAG1022

IMAG1023     IMAG1024     IMAG1025

IMAG1026     IMAG1027

IMAG1028     IMAG1029     IMAG1030     IMAG1031

IMAG1032     IMAG1033     IMAG1034


IMAG1036     IMAG1037

IMAG1038     IMAG1039


IMAG1041     IMAG1042     IMAG1043

IMAG1045     IMAG1046     IMAG1047

IMAG1048     IMAG1049

IMAG1050     IMAG1051     IMAG1052

IMAG1053     IMAG1054

IMAG1055     IMAG1056


IMAG1288     IMAG1289     IMAG1290

IMAG1291     IMAG1292

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