We look forward to satisfying our hunger for your culture!

We love being based in the international city of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA,

entertainment capital of the world.

Why would we want to go anywhere else?

We like to travel and experience new things.

We take loads of pictures, meet loads of people, eat authentic cuisine,

and journal about our travels because we like to share with others

and to keep in touch with those we may never see in person again.

There’s so much to see and do on our wondrous Earth and never enough time.

Here we provide glimpses of our joy of traveling.

Won’t you join us and familiarize yourself with our endeavors?


While we travel on a limited budget,

we welcome invitations as suggestions for future destinations,

and comments for resources, tips, tricks, etc

that make traveling the enjoyable breeze it’s supposed to be.

If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas,

consider They Were Tasty as a resource for information as well.


They Were Tasty demonstrates the act of living as art.

Some series of images are meant to be portraits of the destinations

rather than simply pictures, and this is accomplished

by experimentally employing lightplay effects

after dark and in low lighting conditions such as neon, motion, blurring, etc,

to produce visually stunning imagery that abstracts the subject matter.

Enjoy and Bon Voyage!


– They Were Tasty –

Description: Gaining global understanding

through 21st century international travel. (8)

Mission Statement 1: Takin’ a bite outta life. (5)

Mission Statement 2: Better living through traveling. (4)

Mission Question 1: Where next? (2)

Mission Question 2: Who’s with us? (3)

Vision Statement 1: Experience as currency. (3)

Vision Statement 2: Engorging passports. (2)



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